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What to do if my child does not sleep through at 27 months?

Even if your 27-month-old daughter is no longer a baby, a regular daily schedule and fixed bedtime habits will help her calm down in the evening.

Most children at this age still have a nap. This will cover some of your sleep needs and you should take this into account when setting a bedtime. You know the need for sleep of your child and know when it has to get up in the morning. But few children need more than eleven hours of sleep at night, and most of them can get by for ten to eleven hours.

The time your child spends in bed should not be longer than bedtime, plus a little extra time for falling asleep. Often children spend more time in bed at night than they can sleep. Then it's no wonder they have nocturnal watch times.

A fixed bedtime schedule (which should take between 20 and 30 minutes) helps your child to switch from active time to sleep.

Dinner, washing, brushing, pajamas Getting dressed - all of this should be predictable for your child and always run in the same order. At the end of your evening ritual, you offer a nice joint activity that both of you can enjoy and that makes it easy for your child to separate: tell a story, read aloud, sing, pray - whatever you both like. In the end, you should set a clear conclusion that will withstand your child's stories and "diversionary maneuvers." Do not be fooled into exceptions, as exceptions can become the rule.

Most importantly, encourage your child to fall asleep alone. If your daughter is able to fall asleep on her own, she can lull herself to sleep when she wakes up at night. So leave the nursery before your daughter falls asleep so she does not rely on your presence as Sandman.

If she still cries or cries, keep looking for her and tell her it's time to sleep, but do not stay in the room. At some point she falls asleep - for sure.

If you have decided that your child should fall asleep without your help, you should make sure that you keep up your new rituals and act consistently and consistently. Get ready for power struggles in the beginning, but stay strong. Within a week or two, your daughter should sleep through the night.

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