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Fear of miscarriage


Hello everyone!

I am now in the 6th ssw (5 + 5) - since I had to wait nearly 4 years for our positive test result should I can hardly keep to joy .... but the fear of a miscarriage is sooo great that I am not at all happy to be happy about it. These thoughts make me just really wrong ... is it one or the other of you possibly the same way or do I just spin completely unnecessarily on the bike? Add to that my Hashimoto's thyroiditis ... that does not make the whole thing any better! Oh this state and this feverish on the next FA date is really to milk mice ....

Are your fears so pronounced? How do you survive the periods until your next FA date?


  • reply - 1: Hello rograja

    I can fully understand how you feel. Am now 9 + 5 and everyone who learns that I'm pregnant tells me some horror stories. I have my next ultrasound on Thursday. And I am afraid that perhaps the heart will not beat.

    But I can give you some advice. Think as positive as you can. This translates to the embryo. Do not let bad sins happen. And ask for your next appointment to Famenita. This is a corpus luteum hormone and ensures that the miscarriage risk decreases.

    Incidentally, PCOS with hypothyroidism and insulin resistance. So not without me.

    I'll cross my fingers for you!

  • reply - 2: I also felt so three years we had to wait bus it finally was positive but everything came differently on 14.6 I suffered my first miscarriage in the 7 ssw would without my rule once again to get pregnant again everything was good on 7.8 at doctor everything ok and on Saturday came easily blood and Sunday, the natural departure set in (it is the horror and I had the fears unfortunately not unfounded after the first miscarriage.) Will not scare you

    But lenj you think positive and enjoy it as well as possible (cleaning helped me as well) and my son with 4 years

    I push you or you thumb your luck

  • reply - 3:


    Hello rograja,

    I can not compare myself to your situation because we only waited half a year, but I can imagine how nervous you must be.

    I join in, do whatever it takes to make you feel good or distract you and listen when someone has a horror story .. (@Sissley: Quite insensitive your acquaintances ...)

    And I do not like the conclusion that everything transfers to the embryo. I think that makes it even more nervous and I think that's overrated as well. My husband used to say to me sometimes, when I was sad or worried about something, I should not, that's not good for the baby and I said he should leave the remarks, or I'll feel worse. We are people with feelings and fears and I think it is perfectly natural to be in a bad mood (in the normal context).

    Remember that in the first few weeks you have no influence on the SS anyway. As hard as it sounds at first, but it is already set whether the embryo is viable or not and you have the thankless task of waiting. Try to distract yourself. The first few weeks are the toughest because you think things are not going well, but every week there is a greater likelihood that everything will stabilize. When my FA explained that to me, it somehow helped me to be more relaxed.

    I do not know about the thyroid disease, but since it is known to you, the doctors know what to pay special attention to.

    Enjoy the joy that it worked, that's a great stage win! I wish you all the best! :)

  • reply - 4: @rograja
  • reply - 5: Hello first ...
    I can understand your fears more than just ....
    I learned in January that I'm pregnant ... We were looking forward to the little crumb ... Then at the end of February I had my precautionary appointment at the fa ... until then no complaints nothing ... the heart already had beaten at the first examination ... so then the end of the twelfth week off to the doctor and then the message that he can no longer see a heartbeat ...

    I really do not wish it to anyone ...
    I just recommend you to lean back and enjoy it :) It's a great feeling and should not be affected by the fear .. because something can always happen ...: /
    So do not paint the devil on the wall ... I'll push the thumb that everything will be fine ...
    Ps. My angel would have come now on 21.09.2014 ....
    all of you have a great ball time ♡

  • reply - 6: I do not understand why everyone tells any horror stories. This is not really constructive. Can someone write something great?
  • reply - 7: Rograja wants to hear constructive words and in the situation it is just mean to write the bad experiences. In such a situation one should think positively and do not want to hear constantly from negative ones. I do not understand you. Sorry
  • reply - 8: Hello yes, I know the feeling unfortunately have already lost one in the 10ssw! Then I got a son who is now 5 years old! Am also ssw in the 11 ssw was already 2 × in the kkh with panic had very dolle bleeding was also 3 days in the kkh could anyway do nothing until bed rest u magnesium tablets! Fortunately, the baby is good heart sounds because everything fidgets ok :) I can only say that I think everything will be positive! And if it is not so then it would be better than mother nature wants! Because I personally could not go with a disabled child! But that is all opinion! I wish you all the best u think positive you feel very firm :)
  • reply - 9: Girls that's normal. I waited 10 years for my miracle. But as has already been written, one can not influence it. But believe the babies remember when we are stressed out. So put it in God's hands even if you have not believed. You will manage that. I am in a Whats app group where you can talk openly about this. It's a lot better. That might be an option for you too.
  • reply - 10:

    It went with it too. Unfortunately have no great history and was a little preloaded!

    The first 12 weeks were horror. I could not be happy either.

    What helped me:

    Do not google, you just go crazy with every whimper.

    Ignore the threads about miscarriages

    And a beautiful saying, which I have repeatedly said: Enjoy today to the fullest. If you're just thinking about what tomorrow might be like, you're missing out on enjoying today!

    I wish you all the best

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