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Child 18 months does not want to fall asleep


Hello dear parents, maybe you still have some advice, our daughter 18Mo., Will not fall asleep at noon or in the evening. We first carry it around and lay it down while it is still awake. Then the theater starts. Jumping around in bed ... she does not want to hit her arm any more. At some point we leave the room because we are very annoyed. Music or a stuffed animal brings nothing. We'll let them complain for a while, but then 5-10 then we go back in. However, this tugs on the nerves. Fall asleep takes up to 1.5 hours
In addition, she sometimes wakes up at night and walks for an hour! We tried everything, cuddling, stroking, diapers changed, drunk ....

Maybe jmd has a master solution !? :-)


  • reply - 1: The ultimate solution does not exist ;-) but maybe you do not have a good timing- so let's try to put her down sooner or later - can be that she's already over it or not tired yet! And I would take a look at the whole day's routine and see where it hooks and turns!
    Many times does she like listening to a radio play / watching a book / telling stories to fall asleep ?! At noon does she not sleep in the buggy?
  • reply - 2: Change attitude: Just think instead of "my child does not want to fall asleep" rather "my child can not fall asleep". A very serious difference! So falling asleep is no longer a power struggle, but is a joint project in which you assist your child.
  • reply - 3: I agree with little wings. Can you take her to your bed, cuddle up and read a story? Maybe she sleeps better when she's with you. If you can not sleep with her in a bed at night, you can try to bring her to bed when she falls asleep. I would not scream or moan alone.
  • reply - 4: I thank you very much for your words. Unfortunately, she does not sleep in the buggy anymore. And we have a ritual in the evening and she loves books, but she likes music so much that she always starts to dance.
    Fall asleep together, impossible, start playing in bed. At night she is allowed to cuddle with us and we want to give her the closeness.

    Of course there is a difference between will and can, but that one must be taught and that seems to be another way. I really do not want to get involved in power struggles, but as parents, then, the weaker ones are ...
    We do not want to scream, but if she has a tantrum then she will not calm down anyway! :-(

  • reply - 5: At times, my children also romped in bed forever, until they fell asleep. Something is not always the same from now on. Try to make it a while and if it does not get better after some time you can think again. But I think so many changes in a short time bring not much, except that it is even more restless. Every change takes time to get used to it.
  • reply - 6: Does she have enough exercise outdoors during the day? Comes in the current weather just often too short.

    What about food? Joy was allowed to give their boys in the age after 16h no sugar, otherwise there was also such a drama.

    How much television is there, and hopefully that is not right before bedtime. Also, some react very sensitively.

  • reply - 7: Tv is not available for the mouse and sugar only occasionally.

    You have to challenge the mice during the day, which is not always easy, especially since the weather is not really playing at the moment. We give our best! ☺️

    Thanks again for the contributions!
    A nice pre-Christmas time!

  • reply - 8: If you have worked so well with falling asleep, I would keep it that way and not change anything fundamentally. It is probably just a phase where she finds it difficult to fall asleep. Maybe there is a lot going on right now that is causing a lot of commotion (daycare, planned move, vacation ...) or she is being plagued by toothache. Just then I would give her the security / let by the sleeping situation constant.
    Our son had such phases even at the age of +/- 2 years. He was tired and could not sleep well and was also partially awake at night. It worked best with him then fall asleep, if you stayed with him in the room. I then often lay on the carpet in front of his bed with bedding. And then suddenly everything was as before and he slept as before. I guess it was our molars. Because there were new ones after each of these phases.
    I wish you good persistence and strong nerves!
  • reply - 9: Thank you very much !!! :-)

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