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Where does self-determination begin - where does it end?


What do you think? What do you decide for your child and what should it decide for yourself?


  • reply - 1: That's a big question! I try to let my children decide as much as possible themselves. Things that you can not foresee due to their age, I take from them. Health would be such a topic, that's very abstract for the little ones. Media consumption also very difficult. And because I know where the post comes from: I would not let pierced ears. We do not cut the hair either, they should decide that at some point.
  • reply - 2: I am trying to go far the child
    to decide for yourself, except in things where just know that
    is still missing or how @Sanben writes it is still too abstract.
    Sure, the klene would like to be completely naked through the area
    crawl or get dressed as little as possible when it comes out in the current weather, but of course I decide.

    Well, as far as earrings are concerned, everyone looks different and you can argue a lot about it, personally I'm a bit looser and do not find it too bad when they get stung.
    My will maybe get to the 1.Birthday which.

  • reply - 3: I decide all the things that have to be decided in the short term, such as being vaccinated or not .... what attracts them and the things the siw can not decide for me are important things ...

    And all the unimportant things that are not absolutely necessary like earrings, for example, I let them decide for themselves, my mom also made me sting earrings that was probably then ... and I wear absolutely no jewelry ...that's why she should decide for herself of course i will support her if she needs help, but i will support her as well if she decides herself and it was a wrong decision!

    I think you should give a toddler the decision on physical embellishments especially when it comes to earrings themselves ....
    I think it's an important experience for the toddler later if it can decide for themselves ... that's my idea ...

    Lg Sabrina

  • reply - 4: Oh well I forgot, I am also against circumcision and other interventions on the body of a child nunmal not medically necessary ... I think you should not change a body just because you find it better ... I think should decorum consider whether one does his child a favor .... but in principle, every mother must know that .... if you ask 50 women you get 50 different answers ... so a discussion is also rather difficult. ..
  • reply - 5: Circumcision I am also completely against it!
    If it is medically necessary then it is clear, then it has to be done.
    But otherwise incomprehensible to me.

  • reply - 6: Everything that needs to be decided on the spot and she can not decide for herself, I decide.
    But it is allowed to eat, to ask which toy you want to take with you when we are on the way, etc.
    Recently she was allowed to choose a new stuffed animal herself.

    She should decide on earrings, religion and co herself when she is old enough.

  • reply - 7: my kids live eig quite "self-determined" :) the earring question, because I come around it well: D at 2 guys.
    And as for circumcision, I do not have to worry because we are not Jewish or Moslems.

    but both boys were baptized with a few months - so you could say here, I've determined that for them. out of faith and tradition (like those who have to have their boys trimmed)

    at the small, soon a year, otherwise almost everything is self-determined. at the big less he / she would probably feed on sweets and sit in front of the goggle until midnight: D
    I also think that a too large selection can easily overwhelm. I ask sonhn also not "do you want breakfast" or "what do you want breakfast" (I know his preferences, but "do you want a honey or marmalade bread." He may decide - is to peace and I have no tumult in the morning;)

  • reply - 8: I also thought I would lead my son largely self-determination through life. So we looked at a kindergarten. There, the children are allowed to decide for themselves which kindergarten teacher wraps them because I thought-oh that's good, there are always sympathies and antipathies.
    Then she began to explain that the children are allowed to determine every day as the furniture is where the mattress / bed is for sleeping. Since I thought that's too much of a good thing, my Ben then comes home every day and would have changed his room. What do you think?
  • reply - 9: is great in the kiga, if they do that to themselves. would explain to my child but also that it runs differently at home than in the kiga. dad does not do everything exactly like mom :) unless you always want to do that. that of course obliges you. it would be too much of a good thing for me: D
  • reply - 10: That would be really too much for me with self-determination, and I think that's not good in kindergarten if even can be determined where to stand / lie.
    That will definitely give theater at home, I think there should be a way to self-determination and education and do not go double-track, but it is then confusing for the child when it's all self-determined in the kindergarten and at home but then certain things.

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