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The reality after that ..


Sounds maybe hard .. but I thought that I can not be the only one who is sometimes overwhelmed .. thought it might even be good times to puke about our little ones and the mommy's everyday life  
Is not everything always pink red .. even if we love our little ones above all .. 


  • reply - 1: I'll just start .. right now it really annoys me really that my two have the same hunger rhythm and both moan at the same time 
  • reply - 2: Ohhh ... I believe you  
    Breastfeeding is a mammoth task that I never thought. During the day my little pisses a lot but in the evening I just want to drink it.
    I do not know my big daughter "Flaschenkind"
  • reply - 3: As you said it's not all pinkish red. The birth of a child be it so beautiful is a life crisis with which all first have to cope and find together. Everything changes. You can really use the first year of life to get together and do justice to everything. My midwife had explained that to me very well.

    Luckily so far I have been well blessed so far and I hope it stays that way. Personally, I am very afraid of colic. My nerves are due to many other private worries really already blank because it would pull me pretty much in a hole.

  • reply - 4: With two, the whole thing is again a big challenge. We have friendly twin parents and they said they only worked the first 2 years. Sure it is beautiful, but also really stressful and you crawl on the gum.

    We are so fortunate that our mouse is very easy to care for. The big sister (4 and 4 months) was very different. But you are more relaxed at the second anyway. Nevertheless, there are situations where I get into a sweat. And the challenge to make it fair for both children is difficult. The big one is getting used to the situation, but the first days have been very tough.

  • reply - 5: I'm all set too ... Actually too much to write everything now that k.o. Makes.
    Still have a 1 1/2 year old daughter who is very demanding and really exhausting at the moment, does not sleep through and my little one is anything but a beginner baby.

    Have not thought about it at all how it all should be when the little man in the world and now I'm really frankly often overwhelmed.

    Yesterday even caused a fat burn on the stove because the little one was crying and I wanted to comfort him then and forget the pot, something like this has never happened to me in my life and I realized how much I am partially overwhelmed and just with nothing come afterwards 'm really jerking about how it will be when my husband is working again in January.

    Thousands ask in my head how I should react in a particular situation.
    For example The little one is crying and the big one is waking up and needs me to fall asleep again.
    Do I take the little one with him and he screams my big awake or do I leave him crying alone and hope that it does not take too long to bring the big one back to sleep ??
    No plan and I'm really scared :(
    Hope it all happens quite quickly ... It just suffers too much

  • reply - 6: Oh man you poor  
    Is not there an option that daddy does not work so fast again? I mean if it does not work, he just has to stay there .. or you ask for a domestic help :)
  • reply - 7: I'm sorry!
    You should be able to enjoy the time and not feel so bad. I have the utmost respect for having a baby and a toddler. I definitely have it easier.
    How does your big understand the new situation? Can you explain to her that you just can not?
    Maybe you should try not to think about the future, but then simply fill the situation with life. When the big one awakes and the little one cries, how about if you bring her to bed with you and say that you'll wear it later? Then calm him down and leave her with you or bring her back to her bed? Or you try to take the little one with you and watch how she reacts. If it's stupid, then you have a stupid night, but next time you try something different.
    Does the big one go to kindergarten? Or maybe you can set up a Grandma / Grandpa day of the week, so you and the little time have time for two or you can take a nap with him?

  • reply - 8: I love the two idolatrously and am so immensely grateful, but sometimes I get to my limits and there have been a few moments when I envied my husband, that he is at work had therefore immediately a bad conscience 
  • reply - 9: You do not need to have a bad conscience for that. It's fucking exhausting and you can yearn for work. That's OK. When are you going to work again? Can you maybe take a little break if your husband is home? And if you only go for a walk alone. That clears the mind.
  • reply - 10: I know ... mine is also 18 months ... and so demanding. Is not currently in the kindergarten ... and because she is absolutely not busy ... terribly exhausting. to 2 adolescents. what shall I say..just are quarter nine all in bed I pull on the couch, the eyes closed. Thank goodness Clara is so easy-care I hope that stays like that for a while ... but I dread even before January when Männel is working again.

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