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June preemie


A friend of mine had originally 2 weeks before me appointment (early June) ... About 4 weeks ago (think 17 SSW) she had to go to the university hospital and was only allowed to lie. Last Friday the amniotic sac has burst in the university hospital and the crumbs had to be brought in SSW 21. Crumb weighed just 400g, but she lives and responds pretty well to everything for her level of development. Of course she still has a long way to go ... But until now everything looks pretty good. The first June child was born


  • reply - 1: Oh man the madness!
    I hope she can do it! when I think about how long we have time!
    a lot of strength and luck!

  • reply - 2: Oh dear .... I keep my fingers crossed that the little one is developing well, and the parents
    much power! This is sooo very early :(

    could you perhaps rename the thread in June-Sprühchen. I hope that we do not need it more often, but unfortunately you never know: (((

  • reply - 3: Auweia! Good luck!!! I do not know what to say ...
  • reply - 4: I wish the little miracle and the parents good luck and all the best!
  • reply - 5: A lot of power to the parents and the little fighter. Wish from the heart only the best. Can you keep us up to date?
  • reply - 6: Oh dear, I wish you all the best. That the little mouse can do it
  • reply - 7: Also of me are firmly pressed the big thumbs.
  • reply - 8: Oh no, that's really MIRACY early! They are so incredibly tiny and fragile :-( I sincerely hope that the little one can do it and develop well despite the early start!

    But I would be synonymous for renaming the thread in June Birth Announcements or something ... I really hope that does not fill so soon but it would be clearer.

  • reply - 9: all the best and a strong time ... please keep us up to date.
  • reply - 10: That's really very early, but the little mouse can only do it! Would be glad if you continue to report.

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