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SST invalid?


I have today or tomorrow nmt and actually thought that this cycle was gone, since I had twice the spotting blood on the toilet paper. I tested spontaneously with my last 10er OneStep before (negative 3 days ago)
Unfortunately, this seems to be broken or? Because the pink right does not disappear. I've never had that before!
Now I am totally confused ... because I have already seen a second stroke when going through.
even now, but somehow it does not dry completely. Does anyone know ??


  • reply - 1: Of course I forgot the photo. Sorry
  • reply - 2: It looks normal, I see a hint of the second line, but if that's your NMT, it's very weak. Maybe try again tomorrow
  • reply - 3: For me, the looks also normal. See also a minimal 2nd line. Was that morning urine?
  • reply - 4: Looks normal to me too. I can also see the touch of a second line.

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