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AngelSounds - experiences and exchange


Hello MaiMamis.
Would be happy about experiences


  • reply - 1: i had it when i was pregnant with my daughter. has given me a reassuring feeling.
    Now I gave it to you before I was pregnant. Now I have to get it back.
  • reply - 2: From which week can you use that?
  • reply - 3: According to Internet from the 12SSW.
    Maybe we hear earlier success stories here
  • reply - 4:

    Here! In the second SS, I had 9 lucky hits while searching (but you also panic if you were not lucky the next time).

    I got the AngelSound in the first SS in week 12 from my husband as we had two FG's before and he wanted to take my nervousness.

    Then I gave it to a friend who was also very happy about the device.

    When I got pregnant again I was very happy to have it again. It calms down immensely and I can still remember the glazed eyes when my mother was allowed to hear the heartbeat of her grandson for the first time.

    I would recommend it to anyone who would like to have this security. However, enjoy in moderation, it is not proven whether the child is aware of the sound waves ... so do not listen for hours, but check only briefly if the head and nerves need reassurance.

  • reply - 5: I also used it in my pregnancy and now and then listened to my little roommate for reassurance. However, it also cost me some nerves, because I could not always find the heartbeat. I had a front wall placenta, because you hear and feel a little less of the baby.

  • reply - 6: I'm also very curious about your experiences since I've already played with the idea to get something like that.
  • reply - 7: I am a nurse and did not even know that such devices are O.O;) what does it cost?
  • reply - 8:

    From 33 euros it starts, but they are often synonymous to a lot cheaper used on ebay I've heard at the time in the May club.

  • reply - 9: I'm waiting for my doctor's appointment on 29.9, after that I think I'll buy one
  • reply - 10: I'm also waiting for my appointment on Wednesday and would buy it afterwards :)

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