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Sleep Part II


Dear mum,

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  • reply - 1: Claudinchen there you are right ^^. Is stupid if you are tied to a hospital (because of BEL in the case) which you could not choose and maybe not like. I was fortunate enough to choose a KH to my liking (never leave the mother, bonding bonding, sleeping in bed together, etc.). Always find it sad when it starts to something stupid then as the staff already so stupid Can only get better * Shoulder knock * :-)))))))))))
  • reply - 2: Thank you :-) I know anyway, how I have to do it at the next child. Your hospital sounds great! 
  • reply - 3: Yes that's right :) where many who were there was "too much" again. Difficult for you to find the right one.
  • reply - 4: Well, today I have phoned because of our sleep problems with a private screaming ambulance. On 06.02. we have an appointment. 70 € per session, but I hope she can help us. I just simply can not anymore.
  • reply - 5: Where and in which kh were you?
  • reply - 6: I'm curious and hope you report then.

    My daughter has been sleeping badly for the past week. Since I wish me back the 3 hour rhythm over which I have bitched before. From 01 very bad fall asleep and then so every 1.5-2 hours with a minimum half hour sleep difficulty. And as already mentioned, at five she is awake and then she does not sleep anymore. Maybe I'll tell her later that she's awake, hihi.

  • reply - 7: Mathilden-Hospital, OWL ^^ why? ^^
  • reply - 8: Well, could have been close, then I would be there for the next child, mine was really shitty.
  • reply - 9: Achsoooo. Seems to be a bigger problem, as many complain Unfortunately I live at the end of the world, near Bielefeld. Could have told you right away that it's not around for sure Nobody lives here except me; D
  • reply - 10: Puuuhhh, that was exhausting ... Nina was awake at 8 o'clock today. This time I did not try to make her go to sleep again, as she sleeps every now and then until 9 o'clock, but still bissl bissl and then got up. Naked trampled until 9, what drunk us played. 9:30 she has indicated that she is tired: red eyes, yawn, eyes rubbing. So put to bed, although otherwise she holds the first day's sleep between 10 and 10:30. Well ... it was a mistake! She was unable to sleep, resisted and cried terribly. After a quarter of an hour I gave it up desperately and pulled up the blinds. Then she has another 10 minutes half-playing (since tired) played. Shortly before 10 I tried it again and lo and behold - since 10 she sleeps. Oh dear, I will not do that anymore. 10 clock I remember, no matter when she wakes up in the morning and how tired she is before 10 already 

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