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Problem with gynecologist


Hello everybody. I'm having a bit of a hustle and bustle with my FA. I told her that I want to do the precaution alternately with the midwife and she says that would not be billable with the cashier. I should decide where I want to go. Others say that it is possible. Can I make the precaution with the doctor and between times simply go to the midwife without extra costs? Thank you for your advice.


  • reply - 1: Well, I take the precaution Basically in my FA, ​​but sometimes go to the midwife, if I have questions or ailments. The calculates that then on the health insurance. I did that on my first SS and was never a problem.
  • reply - 2: For me it is even a direct offer my gynecologist, that the provision is alternately with her and in the birth house. So every four weeks I have an appointment with the doctor and every four weeks appointment in the birthplace - I'm taken care of every other week. In addition, in my doctor's office, there is also a midwife at every appointment, who scans and hears heart sounds.
    Ubd everything is billed to the health insurance!
  • reply - 3: Depending on the health insurance, this may vary. To be sure, call your kk or ask your midwife.
  • reply - 4: For me it is the gynecological practice that offers it and the midwife is a freelancer but comes into the practice. Such a nonsense that is probably best ask the midwife.

    Oh yes to the doctor you can in the SS as often as you need it there is no limit except the VU and the ultrasound but our midwife leaves the VU the doctor and examined in between just the rest as fundusstand.

  • reply - 5: So I can only tell you how it is with me. I go for precaution to gyn, every four weeks and have in between my fixed date with the midwife. I think she was there three or four times, and she calculates that as normal with the health insurance!
  • reply - 6: I am for precaution always at the hammer only to the ultrasound and problems with gyn.
  • reply - 7: That's exactly what I wanted to know. Because my FA says it would not take turns and she would then stop the treatment. Since I was shocked at first, because the midwives say that is possible and she does not mean.Darf I ask what KK you are. I'm at the TK and that's where I called. Only it was not completely informed and said I should only have a contract doctor.

  • reply - 8: So I have a gynecologist appointment every 4 weeks and a midwives appointment every 4 weeks - so every two weeks I'm either at the FA or my midwife.
    Soon it will be out on every 2 weeks.
    Everything is paid by the health insurance.
    To be honest, do not understand why there should be problems.

  • reply - 9: My FA had asked me if I go to the midwife to the investigation. If yes, she would have to know please because then she only gets half the money for it
  • reply - 10: Does the text help you? I always agree with myself that at the moment I only have a precautionary checkup with the doctor or midwife every 4 weeks (usual precautionary interval in the pregnancy week). If I want to see the midwife in between, then that is "help with pregnancy problems" instead
    a precaution.

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