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Sleep Worries in Toddlers: Pacifiers

Why can not some toddlers without a pacifier fall asleep?

Actually, taking a pacifier is no problem for your child to fall asleep. Some children find it soothing to suckle, for many it is a useful sleep aid.

But sometimes the pacifier becomes a problem: if a child falls asleep at night, but can not find it alone when he wakes up at night and starts to cry, he is no help. Then the pacifier is rather an unfavorable sleep habit.

In this case, you have two options: you can make it easier for your child to find the pacifier half asleep, or you can completely get rid of the pacifier.

Once your child is at least 9 months old, after waking up at night, it can cope with the pacifier on its own when it finds it. For this purpose, distribute several pacifiers in the cot. Never tie a pacifier to the edge of the bed. The string could wrap around the child's neck!

If your child is still too young to put the pacifier itself in his mouth, you should better stop using the pacifier to fall asleep. For most children, this is much easier than the parents think. After a few days, the habituation is done. Until then, however, you have to go to your child again and again in short intervals and comfort it when it is crying.

Even if you decide to wait a little longer, sooner or later you will have to banish the pacifier so it does not affect the position of the second teeth. A visit to the "pacifier fairy", which collects all pacifiers at night and leaves a present instead, can be very effective at a certain age. Your child needs to understand what's going on.

Also, hire the dentist who can encourage and assist your toddler to give up the pacifier. Some dentists even have a certain place where the children can deliver their pacifier and in return get a toy (or a toothbrush!).

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