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Cold and what really helps !!! : D


Hello my dears!
Do you have tips for me what I can do now in the ss? It got me full. :(


  • reply - 1: My sister recommended lemon juice + honey to mix one to one and just drink. I found delicious and think that it has brought something. In addition, drink milk with honey before going to bed. I have always done. It helped me. lg
  • reply - 2: For me it has lasted almost two weeks and helped eigtl nothing. Be patient, drink a lot. Hot lemon etc. Milk with honey only if there is no mucus, otherwise counterproductive. The noses had caves totally dense. Sea salt and even a nasal shower helped zero.Head bath with chamomile has done more, but I felt very uncomfortable at the time and am therefore on kamillenbäder converted (about 20 minutes and then quite thick on the couch einummummelt). Otherwise, one can believe that I just just sit in pregnancy.
  • reply - 3: Oh, and of course, get well soon !!
  • reply - 4: a cold takes 7 days with medication, without a week as is5 said, really doesnt help anyway.
    get well!
  • reply - 5: I was also very caught and I inhale salbutamol and take ACC juice ... had taken my cold and now ne thick bronchitis Get well
  • reply - 6: Get well in my first pregnancy, I had a violent cough at the end of what was really stupid to cough with the cesarean section then took monapax juice & helped me at least is homeopathic & give this to my daughter
  • reply - 7: Natural antibiotics:
    Cut onions into small pieces, put in a glass jar, cover with honey and leave for a while.
    Then always take a teaspoon full of the liquid (without pieces of onion).
    Tastes better than it sounds and helps well, at least when coughing.
  • reply - 8: Was today at the doctor, since I am also pretty down for 2 days (extreme headache, sockets clogged, sore throat, cough, body aches, etc.). Of course I asked him for natural home remedies, which I could possibly try out. He advised me against honey. He says it's too dirty a product. This should be avoided in pregnancy as well as sushi or raw meat. His advice was to clap a cold wet rag on his forehead and hope that the pain would be more bearable. For the neck best lutschbonbons and inhale hot steam if I want with salt or thyme .. Have so far but of it tried anything, since the extreme phase has subsided until now. I hope the night stays that way.
  • reply - 9: I swear next to home-made onion honey juice (instead of honey you can also add the sugar) on fresh ginger lemon tea, and nasal douche.
    Helps for years with me and my family
  • reply - 10: Is that nice when you go to bed and you realize that you get cold. Let's wait and see how bad it gets, have a slight headache and the nose will continue higher up. If it remains cold, may now work the same as yesterday, an employee has reported sick and the store is otherwise almost alone there.

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