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Hi you love,
I would like to know if there are like-minded people who, like me, suffer from strong depressive moods. On days like today it is so bad that I hardly leave the house and am really exhausted until crying.
I hope I find a few of those who may be similar or went.


  • reply - 1: I'm glad to read from you. I am also affected and in a psychiatric clinic the day before yesterday. Do you also suffer from obsessive thoughts?
  • reply - 2: Hello! I am a July 14 mom.
    I also had a lot of psyche in the ss back then.
    I could talk about it with melner FÄ and midwife. They also gave me contact details from local facilities.
    Helped me, however, a half-day BV (there were also health problems). So I had more time to resign myself to the ss and to get along
  • reply - 3: Oh god I am relieved to read from you. I thought so I'm abnormal.
    I actually have a very active day and stand firmly with both feet on the ground. I had an early abort in the summer. And so I have feverishly this pregnancy. Then came the positive test and nothing went more. Once physically and to the fact that I was haunted from the beginning with such fears and panic attacks that I can not enjoy the pregnancy. Not to mention that I am happy. It got really bad 4 weeks ago. Since I have nit and crash once again get the curve. Nothing works now. If I think that I should go back to work in 1 1/2 weeks, I do not know how to do it. I hardly sleep, whether day or night. I hardly eat since yesterday.
    It makes me insane when I'm pestered with questions about the pregnancy. The problem is that it does not take any consideration on it and then the spiral goes down steeply. I actually wanted to bypass the bv. But if it stays that way, there will be little else left.
  • reply - 4: That really does not have to be unpleasant for you. There are many women who feel that way. These are the hormones. Personally, I'm fine except for a few days when I think the world is going down, but fortunately, I'm happily liberated from it. The tip with the midwife is very good. And another tip from me (I do not know if you can take it during pregnancy) is neurodoron weleda. Would you have to inform yourself. But is n super strong.
    Otherwise I can recommend you light therapy. Whether artificial or with the right sun. Vitamin D deficiency often leads to depression. Plenty of fruit, cereals and fish are great in such cases. They contain a lot of tryptophan and regulate the serotonin level.

    Otherwise, you should talk about it and possibly seek help in psychological form. Just do not let you prescribe medication, they make everything worse, so I give my word. I know what I'm talking about;)

    get well soon you guys :)

  • reply - 5: In case of anxious restlessness, I recommend you lavender oil. This balances the heart rhythm and calms down. If you can not smell it, just massage yourself between the eyebrows. This is an acupuncture point that has a calming effect when stimulated.
  • reply - 6: My obsessions are the worst. I can not stop thinking that I could do something to myself or my daughter. I get a terrible panic. I do not want to think that, I do not want to hurt myself or her. It's just in my head and can not be controlled. The psychiatrists say it's not dangerous, but it's just torturous and that's why I'm here in the clinic. But I feel so uncomfortable here on the ward with all the mentally ill people. That's hard to bear. I miss my daughter so mad, I just want to go home.
  • reply - 7: There are so many around me pregnant and I'm the only one who "crashes"
    Everyone pokes me in with questions that I either have no answer for myself or just can not do to me. In addition this permanent with rumgehbelbel of the family of my friend. I think that's really overbearing that everyone thinks they have to touch me and thus steer the conversation yes to it. Am I funny that I think that one is asked if you want to let the belly touch? I could turn off there.

    Going out of the way really helps me. Have brought extra to my dog ​​nor the dog of my parents. He is such a pause clown that he unasked the mood improves.

    I'm just so scared that something is wrong and I get the scathing news at the next appointment. My friend said in my head I'm already carrying my child to dig. I have not found the way to turn off these thoughts. I am today in the 19 + 4 ssw. Something is going on in my stomach. What can not I interpret exactly. I would like to feel movements clearly. Then I would be reassured.

  • reply - 8: Oh dear, I feel with you. I hope professional support can help you. And please contact midwives. Most good midwives are so good-hearted people with years of experience with pregnant women that they can help.
    I am permanently ill for almost 8 weeks. This strains my relationship, my relationship with my daughter and my diet. I have days, I only need to be alone for 20 seconds and I have to howl. I'm desperate and frustrated that I just can not get well. And reproach me from morning to night. That breaks me. I go to the doctor and I will overcome and address that.
    Everything good for you! And think about midwives. They are my heroes.
  • reply - 9: But here you have to clearly draw a line between depression or obsessive thoughts and panic disorders and normal anxieties during pregnancy. There is no joking with the first three. And there you should really take help. But anxieties that affect the pregnancy are not pathological but rather the normal case. You can talk about it with your husband or friends. Panic lacquers are associated with palpitations, sweats and thought loops. So there's a clear difference. If you are not feeling well, look for a teaser or psychologist who will treat you in his office. Hospitals often make things worse. Find something to distract yourself with, if you have those thoughts. Something nice, just for you. That could help a lot and lead out of the circle. And above all, you should allow the thoughts and not try to push away. Then they come nothing more violent again. Try to develop understanding for you. By the way, you would never really do anything to your daughter and you, that's just your subconscious, that is currently overwhelmed and can not get organized. Trust in you and do not think constantly that you are bad or ill. Maybe that will help you.
  • reply - 10: Yes, that's not the way it is. I have now several times out of panic so extremely pure increased that I collapsed. I'm not talking about normal fears everyone has. It really plays a lot together.
    If biskotte does not do you any good in the clinic and you feel that it does not help you there but also makes your condition worse, I would also recommend a day clinic or intensive therapy in a practice.
    For me it is so that I have often and long said that I once again n bissl tear together. For me it was my mother (psychologist) who someday told me that my moods fall out of the norm and I have to be careful. Then I went to my doctor and they sounded the alarm. First of all time off and I have to look for a job now to get my life under control.

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