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Hey dear ones,
I'm 32 + 3 and I'm very worried.
I have had depression since 2011.
I also take tablets since then.
Currently Escitalopram 10mg.
My little one is sooooooo active in the stomach, I'm afraid that's because of the pills.
I'm worried about damage and withdrawal after delivery.
I tried to sell the tablets at the beginning of pregnancy.
That was not a good idea, after 3 months I had to start again.
Can someone give me some advice?
best regards


  • reply - 1: Welcome to us. You could even go to your BabyClub with your question and find parents who will also give birth in February.

    We also have the group "depression, anxiety, panic attacks". It certainly makes sense to describe your situation there once.

    On our pages you will find an article on "pregnancy depression" as well as a panel of experts with the topic "Is it safe to take antidepressants during pregnancy?"

    Regardless, you're also in contact with your gynecologist about taking the medication, right?

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