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Too much breastmilk


Hello my dears,

have since about 3-4 days really much mother's milk
In the fridge are 5 bottles and I do not know what to do with it.



  • reply - 1: Do you also pump off? If you continue to pump down, the breast gives more milk. Then it gets more and more.
    What you have now you can freeze aver good and later use for porridge and so on. The chest would have to notice wuasi dee the need is not so high, which of course can be quite uncomfortable. Do you have a midwife or a lactation consultant? They can definitely help you with the best way to do it.
  • reply - 2: Please do not freeze milk older than 24 hours (hygiene reasons).
  • reply - 3: Freeze fresh breast milk this is 6months so please provide date
    Tip from my midwife filling the milk in ice cube bag so you can portion this nice and you net net always thaw a complete cup
  • reply - 4: Hi ☺
    Since we already have a thread with the topic, I copy your question here
    Lg ☺
    Here I close the overview because of ...

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