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Moving in pregnancy


Hello dear co-pregnant women,

We move in about 8 weeks in our house and until then and then there is still a lot of work.
How do you do that with renovations and stuff?
I am uncertain about painting etc.
Do I have to pay attention to anything?

Thanks for your feedback


  • reply - 1: Also we will move only in 4 months. I will not do anything except pack things.
    Everything else my husband does
    3 years ago we have renovated after that I had early labor in the 20ssw this time I do not do anything
  • reply - 2: Huhu,
    We move in 4 weeks.
    I'll just take care not to carry the very heavy stuff.
    When I painted, I thought I put on safety goggles.
    When pregnant with our son, I'm in the room, some rubbed eyes in the eyes and think that is not so healthy.

    I will do everything that comes to work.
    Painting, wallpapering, carrying light boxes, confining etc.
    If I realize that it will be to virl I'll take a break.
    Just listen to your feeling.

    (Ps: I think your thread will be closed soon, maybe you ask the questions again in "question answer" or something  )

  • reply - 3: I moved at the 22nd week. My partner has borne and taken over all the hardships. I pack that and then unpack it. In between I took the leave that I needed. Everything was done with peace and quiet. :)
  • reply - 4: I live on a construction site without my husband since October - and I have no choice but to carry everything myself. From paint buckets on the transport of the washing machine, I grab everywhere with .... but I also lie a lot and wear quite consciously with feeling in the stomach that nothing goes wrong.
  • reply - 5: Hello.
    We are moving to our house in February. I'm currently helping with wallpapering. When priming, however, I have kept out completely. It smelled so unhealthy that it made me dizzy, so I stayed away nicely. When laying floors, I do not know how compatible the adhesive is. And I prefer to leave the hauling of the moving boxes to my husband .... As you can see, I partly help with that. Only what I trust myself and the belly dwarf currently.
    Maybe that will help you.
    Good luck with the renovation and the move!
  • reply - 6: We have moved last week in the 15 week, this time I will be in the 14th week, I also deleted the last time, wrap up and unpack anyway, otherwise we would never have finished. But I hardly had to drag that day. If your in-flat helpers know and you have enough, then they will not let you, I was a coordinator, got up (after that you even brought me a chair ) on the car and have given instructions. Something is not unimportant for a smooth process. Will handle it similar this time.
  • reply - 7: I moved with my son during pregnancy three weeks before the birth. I could not and wanted not because of the smells but otherwise I did everything as far as I could. You have to pay close attention to your body and take care of yourself. And sometimes say that you can not do something. That's ok, because the baby is in the first place. Luckily we had many friends who helped with the renovation.
  • reply - 8: Hello,
    You have timely luxury in your move. :)
    We move (depending on when we are allowed into the new apartment) in the worst case, 3 days before the current ET.
    That's why we are just starting to make everything and thus get rid of all "ballast".
    Later, there is simply no time left.
    I will finish the old apartment bit by bit in the last month.
    We buy many new pieces of furniture, so much of the old furniture is gone and does not have to be taken. (Kitchen, couch, bed, baby room (the latter was not there yet))
    This will be a very exhausting and exciting time.
  • reply - 9: Hi everybody, we will move in 3 weeks .. I have the feeling that we are not making any progress at all with all the mucking and packing and so on. But I will not try to stress myself too much - they will be in transit we have enough helpers that I do not have to carry much and since it is a new apartment I think nothing should be deleted 
  • reply - 10: Good morning!
    We have just moved this weekend. I also do everything. Sanding, priming, stroking makes my husband (is a trained painter) .. on Saturday he had to delete d except the kitchen still no room was finished. At least we have the living room and the kitchen. And in the guest room the floor is only finished tiled. There are now the beds. Interior doors are not even nicjt .... well, all adventurous but the old house is already sold. Anyhow, on saturday I did the move almost completely with 2 friends. Yesterday my husband got the washer and dryer. Today the dump comes for the garbage and then it is almost done. Garages are still missing.

    I'm feeling. If I need a break then I'll take it. But I've been doing pretty good on the construction site since July, so I'm conditioned.

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