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How do I take my son (15 months) to sleep through?

As in the first few months of your child's life, you should be careful to maintain regular daytime and afternoon sleep times during the day. But equally important are of course fixed habits for the bedtime.

Get your child used to calming themselves down and getting them to sleep. Most 15-month-olds still have a nap, some sleep twice a day. Before you bring your child to bed in the evening, it should be at least four hours awake. Make sure that your child spends as little time in bed as it actually needs sleep. On average, children do not sleep more than 10 to 11 hours at night. So if it does not have to get up until 7:00, there's no reason to get it to bed at 7:00.

Getting a toddler to bed may take longer than getting a baby to sleep. Toddlers are much more aware of the ritual and develop their own ideas. But toddlers love rituals, so you should create one that makes you happy, but at the same time calms you down. If your little one can not sit still and listen to a story, it may be happy to hear a lullaby. Most importantly, at the end of the ritual, you leave the room so that your child can fall asleep by himself.

Many children often wake up at night. The secret, however, is that you can teach your child how to calm themselves down and make them fall asleep. We all had to learn that once and it works best if you teach it in the evening instead of in the middle of the night.

If your child can fall asleep in the evening without your help, then it can do so at night. If your child can not "sleep through," then it takes the help of his parents to fall asleep. Your child can only sleep through the night when it is normal to wake up at night and sleep alone.

In order to learn this, you must leave your child alone in his room in the evening before falling asleep. If it cries, go to it, calm it down, but go again. Go to him or her again at short intervals or stay nearby. But let it fall asleep alone without your help. After just a few nights, your child should have learned that she can fall asleep without her presence.

If your child can do that, then it will be easier for him to fall asleep again at night. However, about 20% of all children wake up only at night, although they can fall asleep by themselves in the evening.

In that case, be patient. First, wait and see if it gets better by itself. If not, then you will be doing the same night as in the evening, until your child sleeps through.

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