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I could need your help


Hello Hello,
I have a question.
Today is the 9th day my period still has not arrived. I think most of the time that she is there now, as I realize that something is going on or something wet I feel (sorry for the pictures in the head) when I look, it is a white thin slime, sometimes really watery.
Before my period started I had a brown bleeding, but pretty dolle. That was gone then, my FA said that would be normal. Now my period has been out for 9 days.
I have not yet done a test. My, FA said that you can see this only after 10 days after the period and before I'm downcast I thought I'll just ask here.
I almost do not have the signs that are mentioned.
My nipples are sensitive, I had this feeling, for example, when taking the pill.
I could eat nonstop, but I also have it easy sometimes.
I somehow feel unbalanced. One minute I can say I love you and I leave the other one alone. I had also taken the pills, but had not had since the deposition.
Sometimes my abdomen feels weird or stings or feels bloated. I have extremely violent bowel movements, every time I go to the bathroom I can grow up, which is rare. I have a lot of air in the abdomen or intestine and often flatulence which I rarely have.
Strangely, my pimples have gone but actually I fight so much is it because of too much sugar. At the moment what I have a lot of sugar, but still no pimples come which is also unusual.
I do not have a feeling of tension in my chest. I feel sick sometimes, but I've always had that.

My period is so irregular that I do not know if this is normal or not. Sometimes I had to wait 1 week for my period before they came.

The feeling in the abdomen and the white mucus are the first time with me. I had not had that yet.

My FA only gave me an appointment in February.

I do not trust a test yet, I'm scared of the negative, I thought, I'll ask you.

Thanks, and sorry for the long text. ❤


  • reply - 1: I forgot something else:
    (I do not really know how to explain it now)
    I have the feeling that the passage becomes narrower or thicker. Well, it feels so swollen.
  • reply - 2: What rubbish does your gynecologist tell you on the day you do not have a period to do a test? If you're pregnant, he'll show the 2nd line (most of the time). There are also tests where you can test before the period but are not so sure. the white discharge and the other symptoms could indicate pregnant. but since you have always irregularly your period anyway, it may just as well not be pregnant. Only a test brings clarity
  • reply - 3: I had already tested!
    Why are you waiting so long?
    If you have a sausage at home then I would do it now!
  • reply - 4: Do you know for sure, when your IT was? If you are really over it and pregnant for 9 days, a test will explode;)
  • reply - 5: I can not confirm that with the tests. I have tested forever and negative every time. also on the 40th day. And then on the 42nd day I was at the FA and there it was only positive. she had then taken off as a precaution blood again to be sure. And I'm not too stupid to do such a test properly.
    Nevertheless, I would do a NEN test
  • reply - 6: Thanks for your answers. I was gesturing this morning. A 2 line was to be recognized, but really only with the exact look.
    At the FA I have an appointment on Thursday. It was said that one can recognize something by ultrasound only in the 6th week something.

    I think if partners had not told me "do a test now" I would have thought I still did not do it.
    I find it way too depressing to see this negative there.

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