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Angel Sound has who got experience with this device?


Hi, I'm 9 ssw - 10 and am thinking of buying a device where you can hear the heart sounds. Angelsound what do you think of that?


  • reply - 1: I've got one and I'm totally excited. I tried it on the 14.ssw for the first time and use it ever since then. Sometimes for a few minutes, until I found the heartbeat and then it is switched off ,
    I think as long as you do not have it all the time and just used for reassurance, it's a great invention.
  • reply - 2: To be honest: I think nothing of it at all!
    How many times have I heard from expectant mothers, who own such a part, that they have not found the heart and have panicked!
    Trust in your body! And if anything, you can not change anything anyway - as hard as that sounds!
    Wish you a nice, relaxed and carefree pregnancy!
  • reply - 3: Must accept flower mum - it would not change, no matter how early you recognize it. You're just crazy, please just "good hope" as you said earlier and trust in you, your child and whatever you believe. The feeling of not being able to control things can be bad, but that will accompany us all our other lives - that's how all mothers feel :-)))
    Many greetings and a good pregnancy!
  • reply - 4: I thought it was great;) but must still flower mum. When I found the heart sounds I almost went crazy. I have always planned to hear about every two to three days ... I finally heard every day until I finally felt the first movements. Then I did not need it anymore ... so you can become addicted ... so it has one for and against
  • reply - 5: I bought it and I have to say that the purchase was not profitable for me. I've used it three times before. Although I have found the heart sounds every time, but i've never had such a great "desire" rauszukramen the part and so on. After feeling the first movements, I was not so worried for a long time. And for the most part, I have always relied on my feeling that everything is alright.
    I would not buy it again!
  • reply - 6: Thank you for your opinion. I am not sure if I get it or not ... because I have a not so good history. That would be like a security but maybe it makes me crazy. I'll sleep over it again thanks anyway that you have answered
  • reply - 7: I would not spend extra money because sometimes these things do not work properly and you make you crazy unnecessarily if you do not find the heart sound of your baby

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