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help .. 14 and pregnant what should I do?


hello together I am 14 and got pregnant accidentally
what should I do ? abort or prefer to keep?


  • reply - 1: No matter how old you are, I find such questions stupid. Because you should think about something like that beforehand. And if something happens * accidentally *, then you have to know yourself if you want to keep it or not.This decision can not be accepted by anyone.
  • reply - 2: Hey robidog.

    First of all, I have to agree with Schneckchen1103, this decision can not and nobody wants to lose it. It is your life and your future that you carry in your hands and only you alone can decide that.
    Do you believe this? To take responsibility for a lifetime for a small person who is totally dependent on you and your help to take over?
    You should not underestimate that. You have to put a lot back. Leave your childhood and youth behind and grow up very quickly. I imagine that difficult. Even with my almost 21 I think it was a little early.
    I do not want to influence you in your decision. It depends on how far you are in your head. Nobody can answer that blanket.
    In which pregnancy week are you? And most of all, have you been to the doctor?
    In your stead, I would do that as soon as possible and go to a counseling center that will go through with you for and against having an abortion.
    It is indeed with a child in the age of a special mental and emotional as well as physical stress. Likewise, a termination of the pregnancy can pursue you for a lifetime and psychologically burden ..

    So think good & trust your parents. This is a very important life decision.

    LG Synli

  • reply - 3: Well I was 15 at 15 now 16 but on 28.7 I will be 17 and my little one will be 3months tomorrow it is exhausting from time to time but I do not regret having made my child my flesh and blood even if it was hard is who you want it manages it i love the little one about everything !!!!
  • reply - 4: hey dear robidog

  • reply - 5: Not an easy decision.

    First medical appointment, entrust parents and counseling.
    There you will really be helped.

    We do not want to decide here.

  • reply - 6: Have you already confessed to your parents? Without them, it will certainly be a lot more difficult.
    The decision can not take you here. I think that both will be a big burden for you. It's really a huge responsibility to raise a child. And I think without the support of your parents it will be really difficult for you, so you should definitely initiate it. But there are really many happy moments that you experience with a baby / child. Surely you give up your life as you know it, but you also win something, you should not forget that. A little person who loves and needs you, who will make you desperate and soften your heart with a sweet smile that will make you cry, but also laugh and be amazed.
  • reply - 7: Please also include in this thought, that there is a life in you growing. In the 7th week you can usually see a heartbeat.

    Also, if, after consulting with a competent body and your parents, you are sure that you do not want to raise a child, there are ways that your child and you can live a good life. There are e.g. many couples who can not have children and would like to adopt one, there are foster families, mother and child facilities, and many other ways in which your child and you can see good alternatives without having to abort your child.

  • reply - 8: Hey I got pregnant at 16 my daughter is now 4 weeks old. I would not abort. You have to stand straight for it. The child can not help it. If you abort, you really regret it afterwards. You can do it. I was not thrilled when I found out that I was pregnant but now I would not give my little mouse for anything in the world I love her over everything.
    Believe me it is wonderful when you hear the heartbeat for the first time. Or the first move.
    But first talk to your parents. And then keep looking.
    You make that I think of you
    Greetings from me and my angel
  • reply - 9: Hello robidog11, of course, such an essential question should always be answered with "YES, KEEP."

    While we live in a world where women can decide whether or not to destroy a life that is growing in them, when you get into that situation, you should take your responsibility seriously. It does not have much to do with age!

    So far every woman I know who has lost her child (unfortunately there were many) told me how she had to think of her unborn day in, day out, 10 or 20 years later. You would ask yourself: was it a boy or a girl? How would it have turned out, how would it have looked like? If it had become a doctor, a politician, a barman ... If my child had become a good person, what name would he have worn ... and, and, and ... the questions would torment you for a lifetime. ..

    In addition, one really does not need to gloss over an abortion, it is murder of an innocent creature that can not fight back!

    Today, there are countless ways in every age with the support to have a baby and get up! You get help with the Caritas and other facilities, there are women's shelters and support in school, work and finances by those. Even if you do not get help in the family ...

    And if you do not want to keep it, there are enough loving couples who would enjoy a baby in open or closed adoption.

    Of course NOBODY can take this important decision away, but there is HELP if you ask for it!

    I wish you and your unborn baby all the best !!!

  • reply - 10: First of all, I think it's good that you look around here and opened this thread, it shows that you are dealing with the topic and do not close your eyes.

    It is certainly not an easy decision.

    But: In some points I agree with many here!

    1) Find yourself - either way - support! Pro Familia, Caritas, there are many places that can help you!

    2) Do you have a trusting relationship with your parents / an aunt or the like? Parents of friends? Trust teacher at the school? Possibly. You can also get support from such circles to talk to your parents.

    3) For every girl and woman - no matter how old - the world turns upside down with such a small life that grows in one, that's completely normal. Also, that you have worries and fears. There are people who can help you.

    4) Also, I can not accept your decision, but I have also heard of many women / girls who have aborted for some reason and have never gotten this idea out of his head. The clock can not be reset "to zero hour" as if nothing had happened .... You should definitely heed this.

    5) There is not just an "all or nothing". As others have already pointed out to you as an option: If you do not want to raise the child - even after catchy advice and support - you can not do it: Why not give him a chance for life anyway - and a couple with a desire to have children overjoyed. I know two mothers with adopted children who love them above all else. You would never have to reproach yourself ......

    I wish you all the best !!!!!

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