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Feeding lying down


Is it bad if I give my mouse lying down the bottle.


  • reply - 1: No I do not think so. I'll do it this way and he's 11 months old. How old is your daughter?
  • reply - 2: I give my mouse (6 months) the bottle also lying :-)
  • reply - 3: lying completely or raising your head slightly? you should not completely lie down. because the risk of the small swallowed or vomited being in the trachea is very high.
    if you feed on your arm, it is ideal.
  • reply - 4: So my never had any problems with that and if I never left him alone anyway. But if he wants a flaschi at night I will not get him out of bed to wake him up, but give him a lie.
  • reply - 5: There have never been any problems with us!
  • reply - 6: Tanisha is now 11 months and still gets her milk in the morning. On her arm, she has been feeding for less than half a year.
  • reply - 7: I give my bottle with 13months still in his arms if he wants to have his milk.

  • reply - 8: Noah lies on his beanbag and drinks his bottle. He is now 19 months old.
  • reply - 9: Five months
  • reply - 10: Yes then .. so the opinions are a little apart but I never had any problems with that. Although I never left him alone, I was afraid that something had not happened. Also go for your feeling. If you feel more comfortable holding it in your arms, then Machs prefer that. But otherwise I think that's no problem lying. :-)


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