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Nursing bra-What size?


Hello, dear fellow students!

My ET is the 2.10. and slowly I begin to pack my clinic bag. In any case, a nursing bra should also be used. Everywhere I read, you should buy him 2 sizes bigger, because of the einschießenden milk. I can not imagine that the two actually grow so much and I'm unsure what size to buy. How do you handle that?


  • reply - 1: pump already off, so my advice: the things are actually bigger when the milk einschießt, BUT, stillbhs are a really tricky affair!
    when c & a me has not fit (about 8modelle), the h & m was none in my size there, etc. so I have not found a suitable.The fall EXTREMELY different (both in size and fit) so I would buy only one which I have tried on with milk before.
    at the moment I am with normal bras, which are without ironing and stretchy are the happiest! I can just pump or invest up and push up there narrows nothing ein.falls someone else has a tip, always with her, would also like to be good sitting stillbhs;)
  • reply - 2: There are good nursing homes from the Anita brand. can be ordered at baby walz. my breasts have grown neatly during the ss. when milking then not much. it was a small size then more. So it's a bit risky ... I would try on now and take one that still has plenty of air. LG Uli
  • reply - 3: At the time I ordered some from Otto the size I had on the 8th, 9th month.Without padding u upholstery then you can fix the disposable pads super
  • reply - 4: DM's also available, for about 8 euros. Unfortunately you can not try it on. I've taken one now, luckily almost the largest size. Thought me better it tweaks nothing, maybe a beginner mistake ?! Maybe you also need more supportive force. We will see. I can handle it for the price!
  • reply - 5: 've just discovered that there are quite cheap in Rossmann. I think I'll get one that's one size taller than the ones that fit me now. VLG
  • reply - 6: So I gave in the bras from the clothes store size 90 D or E then I was in the market purchase at us in a Nr Larger one tried on and found that was much too big :-( in the end I had somehow almost all once on and am now landed at Naturana size 90 C! So much then to buy the topic bigger :-) I have even in the still enough space my result was terrifying so as a hint in any case try on ;-)
  • reply - 7: My midwife also recommended Rossmann to me ... there, above all, they should be cheap too. I'll probably get there only once and then look at what actually does the size. After all, everyone is different again. : D
  • reply - 8: @ yarohy: I'm glad that it was not just me, it was already scary, I have very strange breasts, which fit in nowhere: D
    I've bought a dm today at risk in a size smaller than I otherwise hab-> and he fits .... Although strange, but the bra was very cheap and is really nice comfortable :)
  • reply - 9: Got me today a nursing bra at Dm concerned, the lady at the cash register said I could exchange the (with a receipt), if he does not fit.
  • reply - 10: @coral
    No, no, I've already heard of several in the course with us the nursing bras could scare a woman when buying just because you sometimes have to buy smaller. So nothing with funny breasts everything normal just weirdly stitched

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