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Pediatrician does not prescribe medication


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My child 10 months old has been suffering from colds since september his nose is running a loud gasp and later he started to cough. I'm at the beginning of the cold to the pediatrician because you said only the nose is blocked. I'm supposed to be in the fresh air a lot. After 2 weeks, the gasp was louder I'm back to the doctor then you said his lungs would be free the wheezing comes from the stuffy nose and has prescribed nose drops for the night. After a week, she then with a lot of discussing a powder for the evening meal postpone what is actually for asthma patients. That did not matter then she realized that he has pressure on his ears and did not prescribe anything that really upset me. Then I went to another doctor in her vacation time and she prescribed me antibiotics. He was then healthy after a week and we were later on vacation. After the holiday he was ill again and the KA has again prescribed me nothing except the nose vacuum and my child should mlt an open window sleep because of the air because we have a gas stove in the apartment and the air was too dry.

Can it be that he always gets sick because of the gas stove? Will ask the doctor in the morning to prescribe medication or I will change the pediatrician.
Would like to know opinions?


  • reply - 1: The question is what do you expect for medication? I think she does not do anything wrong Nasentropfen is the only thing we get. Cough syrup under one year is not recommended. At least I would not get one from my doctor. The lungs were free to intercept and the bronchi also determined so there is no reason to prescribe. At that time where my big one was over 1 year old and coughing at night had 2 hours then what got something but what I really should only apply if he really hatches almost uninterrupted over half an hour. My big one still gets today - he will only get a vegetable cough syrup in 3 weeks 4. If, of course, a middle ear infection is present then it is something else. But that was not the case with you ?! So press on the ears does not mean yet inflammation - corrected me wrong I'm wrong. And pressure on the ears nunmal comes from a stuffy nose, so you get just "just" nose drops. Most of the nose is gone. Even the cough. If the nose is too breathed through the mouth it will become dry and thus it will be coughed. The nose must always be free. What you can always give support - only nose drops 3 times a day - is saline solution. That usually helps. I seldom need the right drops of nose
  • reply - 2: You write "because of pressure on the ears" ... what do you need for medication? As long as it is not a middle ear infection, it does not need anything because ... I've chosen our pediatrician precisely because BECAUSE she does not prescribe antibiotics because of each Schmarren but before also makes test. If it is a virus, antibiotics do not bring anything! Cough medicine is given in such small children really only if they have properly bronchitis. And that's right, it often sounds like clogged up, but it's really just the mucus that sits in the nose - so no bronchitis. Even with ear infection, our KiÄ tries to get along first without antibiotics and usually it is also so good and if not, then there is just an antibiotic. All we use in the dwarf mouse are salt water solution for rinsing the nose, at night also decongestant nose drops, fever juice and / or suppositories, thyme balm and angelica balm. In addition, from Omida Globulis against fluent coryza and coughing ... once she had Antibuwegen a middle ear infection. The 2nd ear infection went away with fever (anti-inflammatory) and Nasefreihelten.
  • reply - 3: I'm afraid that he gets bronchitis because his gasp is so loud that I already hear him in the next room. And when you have him in your arms, you can feel it completely from his back.
  • reply - 4: She said he has pressure on the ears it could become a middle ear infection what happened then. For this reason, he was then prescribed by the agency antibiotics. He had been suffering from a cold like runny nose and wheezing for eight weeks and then later with his ears. That's too long in my opinion.

    Would you want to be ill for eight weeks at a time?

  • reply - 5: Sorry that I say that now but that is sometimes normal. Especially with the big ones. There comes one infection after another. And the coughing sounds bad is always like that. I hear my kids cough when the tv is running and they cough over it in the stick above. Without babyphone. The volume has nothing to do with it. It just sounds funny. But nothing is more. What you can do is inhale, also with saline solution. For your cold I see how worthless also no need for action in terms of drugs. During the day, saline solution in the nostrils at night decongestant nose drops. That's the only thing you can or should do. My big one already had pressure on my ears. Of course, it could be a middle ear infection. Everything can be from a cold;) I would always react only if it is so. So as I said I think your doctor is doing everything right
  • reply - 6: My pediatrician does not prescribe anything. He justifies it by saying that there are no / few drugs under one year. Those in the pharmacy have confirmed the whole thing to me. I also think okay, why pump the small body so already ... During the last cold, there was something homeopathic, a lot of fresh air and drink.
  • reply - 7: So you should NEVER prescribe antibiotics too early.
    1. they do not work for viral diseases, for example.
    2. For the very reason that in the past too often antibiotics were prescribed too fast (which in the worst case were not taken exactly as directed) there are more and more resistant germs.
    When you have a really serious illness, nothing works anymore.
  • reply - 8: Of course, it can always be a middle ear infection. With us there's first Ibuprophensaft and decongestant nose drops and 2 days later again to KiÄ to control. Mostly (like my big mouse) it gets better and it does not need antibiotics. If it did not get better, our pediatrician also prescribes antibiotics. Of course it will be good too. Degree with otitis may worsen from one day to the next. In the dwarf mouse was then on Friday at the doctor still ok and from So on Mo it was then a severe middle ear infection. Was at that time also a representation. Our pediatrician would have said on Friday already that we should give ibuprophen.
    After an antibiotic treatment, the immune defense is weakened and one is even more vulnerable.
  • reply - 9: So you can hear bronchitis directly beom and you also see on the upper body. Do not think that she overlooks something like that
  • reply - 10: I am a doctor myself and can tell you that even bronchitis are almost exclusively viral, so antibiotics do not work! Possibly. Herbal remedies and waiting are completely sufficient even with bronchitis!

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