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Liana was born on the 16.10.2014 at 04: 11am :) The ET was actually the 11.10 but she has a little time left. The contractions started at 3 o'clock the night before. I had pain every 10 - 15 minutes, but then somehow I fell asleep again as I thought - at 8 haste anyway appointment with the gynecologist. When we were at the gynecologist, however, this could find no blow on the ctg. We went home again. The pain became more extreme with each hour, so we went to the hospital at 15:00 clock. There were again found no contractions and even with the ultrasound one said it does not look like after birth. So back home .... Then at 18:00 the pain had become even stronger - again to the hospital and again I was told I had no contractions. Then when scanning: her child comes - it's already 4cm ..

Endliiiich * - * .. I renounced a pda. However, there was no way of thinking about movement: D
At 04:11 she finally came - a stargazer :)
I was soo happy to finally hold her in my arms * - *
She was 51cm & 'weighed 3090g.
Not to be forgotten - perfectly healthy ♥


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