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Already done something today?


For a given reason, I thought to myself, I open a new thread.
Here everyone can report what their little hiring, rumräubern and thus either everyone drifting into madness or make you laugh ....
For example, our little one has taken the earth out of our palm and eaten it today! Aahhh ...
Otherwise, he loves dropping the trash, ripping the paper into a thousand rags and distributing them in the apartment    
So, now it's your turn!


  • reply - 1: is funny ... feli has overturned our plant while trying to dig in the earth and loudly complains that she has pushed!
    Yesterday she cleared out the Halloween sweets of the big ones and looked forward to it!
  • reply - 2: Oh super thread I think there is always something to report

    With us today had the toilet brush to believe it  
    The little man had already knocked her over and was about to get her out of the container ... thank God I saw it in time

  • reply - 3: Great idea !!!!

    Emily grabbed a book and tore the first page out and wanted to eat it.
    Could take it away quickly.

  • reply - 4: We were eating, when a spider came up on the wall. The little man grabbed it immediately afterwards. Thankfully, he just caught the net, so it fell down. The closed hand was in any case immediately in the mouth, before I could jump up. Good thing my son is a gross motorist like his mother.
  • reply - 5: Hahahaha yes
    I'm shaking myself right now.  

    I had something similar with my niece.
    She crawls in front of me and picks up something. Turn around and want to give it to me. Unknowing, I open my hand and she puts something in my hand.
    This something turns out to be a big moth that flaps its wings immediately.
    I was scared to death 

  • reply - 6: Oh yes. Although I have nothing against moths, but when I see one, my spider radar goes on and I scare myself animal. 
  • reply - 7: Recently I snuggled with her, Daddy was lying in front of us, she pulls his hair, he turns around, she laughs badly. And that again and again. 
  • reply - 8: Our mouse has recently tried the cat food! Jammy :-) in the water bowl she constantly pats around, if I was not fast enough!
  • reply - 9: Today Leo has lifted a part of the inner side of the crawling carpet and licked it and put it in his mouth again and again, tastes delicious  
  • reply - 10: Do I have to say anything? 

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