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Financial income during parental leave


Hello my dears. I find everything you find on the internet rather complicated. That's why I have a pretty specific question.
At about 1000 € gross, how much is left to me in the 1st and 2nd year parental leave?
And when does parental leave begin? From day of birth or only after the 8 weeks maternity after birth?


  • reply - 1: Parental leave begins after maternity leave.
    You will be credited with the 12 months before the birth. And from this results the parental allowance.
    Parental benefit is only available for one year. But you can split the amount. Quasi half parental allowance then for two years or a year full parental allowance.
    you have to look, there are parents money calculator, just enter times with Google.
  • reply - 2: Please remember: parental allowance is NOT calculated from the gross salary, but from the net salary. Approximately 65%, max. but only up to 1,800 euros

    Oh yes, and is also paid nir 10 months (although 12 says), since the 2 MuSchu months are still included. Only non-working mothers receive 12 months parental allowance ...

    But this on the basis of 2.5 years ago ... Meanwhile, there are again smaller changes.
    Call the best time at the competent parental benefit agency to ...

  • reply - 3: Yes, that's why she has to do the calculator herself.
  • reply - 4: EC is calculated after the "adjusted" net but officially from the gross ;-) since the bruzto per naxh tax class a certain rate of the EC points will be deducted ;-)

    I recommend the detailed eg calculator of the bmfsfj page

  • reply - 5: Thanks for your answers.
    Have now used this calculator. But since you can only specify 12 months. Since then come out about 630 ¬. But I can also split this to 24 months, so I get about 315 € per month, yes?
  • reply - 6: Exactly that would be Elterngeld Plus.
    But do not stiffen up on the sum, not every computer is online exactly.
    If you want to know exactly, contact the competent parental benefits office
  • reply - 7: If you are a single parent, then you are even 14 months in parental leave, because you get the two months of partnership attributed (as a proof with me the negative certificate of the Youth Welfare was enough).

  • reply - 8: Do you get maternity allowance? This is available in the 8 weeks after birth. These 8 weeks will be deducted from the parental allowance. So you only have 10 months parental allowance and can therefore share this only for 20 months. You should be aware of that. ;)
    Your partner is also entitled to 2 months. If you are a single parent you will get the 2 months.
  • reply - 9: Maternity allowance does one get when? No, I will not be single.
  • reply - 10: 6 weeks before and 8 weeks after birth.
    The 49-day certificate must be submitted to the health insurance company and the AG

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