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Hello dear ones, unfortunately have found no suitable contribution and need urgent advice.
Our little sweetheart is now 9 weeks old and has a favorite side and thus a postural asymmetry. The fact that he always drops his head left, the skull is flattened left. Were now in Bochum in Josefs Hospital at Dr.Hohendahl who should be a specialist for it.A super nice doctor. He said Nic has a baby scoliosis due to the stooping in his stomach and even now that he's in the world. If he is awake, put him on the stomach as much as possible to strengthen the back and neck muscles. He has solved several tensions and blockages in the neck and spine, with my heart slipped in the pants, because it has cracked sooo. My poor little sweetheart. Luckily he did not cry. Should now once a week to the physiotherapy for Vojta therapy and in 2 months again representable. Does anyone have the same problem and can tell me something about the Vojta therapy?
Lg Melanie


  • reply - 1: I would recommend to you on www.kiss-kid.de to look for a doctor after Gutmann (G) treated. Can be very good that your little one has a blockage or I am very strong and if it is treated, the other also sets. Vojita etc treated "only" di symptoms and not the actual cause. And please do not be deterred by the possibly wide routes please ... It's worth it. We had to drive the big 2 hours and she just screamed. But that was the best decision we could make
  • reply - 2: Thank you. Have just looked and the next doctor is in Dortmund. Are just under 10km from us. What exactly is the Gutmann treatment?
  • reply - 3: Oh yes, the existing blockades would be solved today by Dr.Hohendahl. afterwards the head was also much more mobile to the right.
  • reply - 4: If you are in Dortmund there would be the children's orthopedist Sacher. Is ne Geneinschaftspraxis with two more doctors who make that only private. But we send all our Kiss children out of the ambulance, where the parents can afford it privately. They are great!
  • reply - 5: Yes, Dr.Sacher. Nic is not a kiss child and today in Bochum with Dr.Hohendahl was also a private performance.
  • reply - 6: They were great at all other Orthopedic Sacheb and our parents who came back were usually very pleased.
  • reply - 7: Ok thanks. Will call there tomorrow times and give me a date nen.Ne 2.Meinung can not hurt. Will that help the little one best possible no matter what it costs.
  • reply - 8: Hello,
    I can not say anything about the problem of your child, but I can say something to Vojta. Our 1st son had almost no muscles at birth, which was built with Vojta, among others.
    Twice a week in practice and I did the exercises daily at home.
    The therapy is exhausting, you just have to remember that it does not hurt! Incidentally, the child confirms this as it gets older.
    Our son got Vojta until he was 3.5, now he is running well with 4 and the rest of his problems we go to Bobath.
    if you have any further questions, please contact me.
    All the best!
  • reply - 9: Hi
    Sry did not come to the letter before. At Dr. Sacher is in a good position and would definitely get a second opinion. He can also tell you everything about Gutmann Therapy etc
  • reply - 10: My boys had both a favorite side and thus flattened heads are regularly at the physiotherapy until 2 months ago every week now every 2. And regularly at the Osteopaths we have to pay for themselves, but this gives them beautiful brains maybe that would be In addition, something for you who looks even after blockades, one of my twins was extremely wrong and that was not resolved with a treatment

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