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hard belly, stinging at the mouth


Hey, I got a really hard belly right now, it was so funny. and sting on the cervix. came so suddenly. does anybody know about you? I am thinking now that there is something wrong.bin 20ssw. lg


  • reply - Hello Kitty,

    I'm sorry I can not help you. But if it gets worse, you should go to the car for safety reasons, rather too much than once too little.

    I'll push the thumb but it will certainly be alright.

  • reply - 2: Have it from time to time ..... could be labor pains - is normal, but if the pain is stronger in any case to the doctor.
    My stomach becomes more and more plump after a hard day. :))))
  • reply - 3: I've already had it seemed strange to me but seems to be normal if you know exactly what this may be and possibly the doctor would be nice if you write it in here I've not talked about my doctor
  • reply - 4: Hello girls
    Exactly the same, I had the last days too, today I was at the fa and she said that it would be too early for premature labor (17 + 6) and it determines the ligaments are stretching, I should take magnesium and lie a lot. Maybe it's the same with you. If it gets worse I'd definitely go to the fa.
  • reply - 5: the tapes were not for me that feels different. I have on Tuesday the next appointment. Because my doctor in any case times questions
  • reply - 6: huhu ... I had the problem last night and also this morning after sex ...
    So he was really tough
    but now it's back to normal ... now eat only the question of whether the sex is such a good idea

  • reply - 7:

    The hard belly I had quite often :-( especially in the evening, is an unpleasant feeling and that pull or stinging downstairs, I had too .. It just grows and stretches.

    Lie down, that helped me most of the time, if it should not help, then just go to the doctor for safety.

  • reply - 8: Now and also on my 1st SS I have had a hard belly since 15 weeks. These practice pains seem to be normal with me. My gynecologist had already started to panic and wrote me ill, as these contractions were even on CTG. Also, the Hebi was surprised ... but my body needed that well .... Only pain I did not have! Well, if they should not go away with you, better go to the doctor ... L.G.
  • reply - 9: Have I too,
    I'm 25w + 4t because all day and night through hard belly with her in the back and feel a pressure in the pubic area.
    Even at night of sleep I wake up.
    Am also sick on the fa.
    Legs up and rest a lot ..... L.G Bianca
  • reply - 10: Dear Bibi, lie down and rest! We others here have all just 7-8 months old babies at home ... there is nothing to rest with ;-) And also nothing with Übungswehen, at least not right now!

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