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Fish in the trapA casserole dish is first rubbed with half a clove of garlic (basically for the flavor, so it does not have to be if you do not like it). Then the casserole dish is greased and filled: first comes mashed potatoes - I make it myself (boiled potatoes in salted water, drain, milk, butter, salt, pepper and nutmeg and squeeze / stomp), but you can also from the Mix bag. Then you put peppered salmon on the porridge (defrost at TK and wash well). Between the salmon come pieces of spinach (I take it from Rewe or Iglo). Finally, lemon slices come on the salmon. Put it in the oven at 180 ° C for 35 min. Mmmh!


  • reply - 1: Beans in hidingMake mashed potatoes again (see fish in a trap). Open a can of beans (220g drained weight), cut the beans into small pieces and place them under the mashed potatoes. Finished! About the own portion we scatter then a grain mix, which is good for the digestion and tastes ;-) I like to do meat or meatballs, but Noah only eats the potatoes ...
  • reply - 2: Königsberger Klopse with boiled potatoes and beetrootWe take the red flower bed out of the glass, sometimes in slices, sometimes as globules. Boil the potatoes and drain. The Klopse: 500g hack (half & half) with a protein, salt, pepper, nutmeg, chopped onions and bread crumbs knead.Form 8 slugs and add to 2 liters of vegetable stock. When the broth is boiling, set the temp. Down so that the meatballs are pulled (do not cook anymore). Take out the meatballs and pour the broth through a sieve and catch it (the onions are filtered out). In a large pan, pot if necessary, melt 80g of butter and then added 80g of flour and briefly miterwärmt. Then the collected broth comes to it, little bit by little and always stir well with the whisk. To add so much broth, until the consistency is right, so a sauce - would be almost a liter. Then come in the sauce 2TL capers, a very large splash of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Nice to taste until it tastes good. Once everything has boiled up, add the meatballs and serve with the potatoes and the red beets.
  • reply - 3: The Stephie has the big GU cookbook for babies and children

  • reply - 4: Exactly, but the knockers are not from it!
  • reply - 5: No, but not the other recipes seemed very familiar to me

  • reply - 6: :-) But that's also a great book! I cook from the beginning, even in pregnancy and Noah has (almost) always tasted it! And it tastes great too!
  • reply - 7: In the pregnancy, I did not have it from the complementary food. But if we are pregnant again will cook from the beginning.

    We really like to eat this ragout that also eats Amy.
  • reply - 8: Ragout we have not tried .... Saturday there is fish in the trap again, which loves Noah easy! Or also Brätele red-white or potato-cream pastry. I just did not want to type the book, so only two recipes I have in mind :-)
  • reply - 9: Hi Stephie,

    I have the "Great Family Cookbook" by GU and it's from the same author. Since I have already made many delicious things out of it, but I still do not know the two recipes of you :-) But if you try it out, sounds very delicious.

    many Greetings
  • reply - 10: So I make mashed potatoes myself generally .... where I was still young I've always made the bag, because I could not cook soo well. Until I once ate my own mashed potato porridge with my big sister, and that was like an enlightenment, since then I can not keep up with the Tütenkram. With us is always diligently cooked and tamped.

    We also cook mostly fresh, so fresh vegetables or possibly frozen, I have read that should be better than fresh vegetables partly, because it is directly frozen after processing, so fresh vegetables are usually stored somewhere around and who knows how long, there go the vitamins also lost fast.

    I'm also glad that Marvin is eating something like peppers, carrots and so on. He has spurned this for a long time, he only wanted cucumber. But now he occasionally shortages something for dinner or dinner and we also often make herbal dip with cottage cheese and fresh herbs, salt and pepper.

    Finally, a question: Do you know these poultry sausages from Ferdi Fuchs? They are also available as mini salami. Wanted to ask what you think about it. Marvin eats the whole namely happy, but I have now heard, there should be a lot of "chemistry" in it, but I can not really imagine .... what do you think of such "baby sausages"? PS: He does not eat normal Viennese!

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