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I read here again and again that some children are almost crawling. Clara does not even turn. She did it 2 months ago and now she does not do it anymore. She lies great on her stomach and holds her head. She crawls in a circle. But she does not turn and does not make any effort to crawl. It can not be because of the weight or because she does not practice much. I feel like she just does not feel like turning. Are there any children who are similar?


  • reply - 1: Our son is rolling since he is 4 months on his stomach and tries to get from the place. For a week he comes in the four-footed stall and crawls 1-2 steps before he is totally exhausted on the ground and mega excitable. The stupid thing with us is that he is constantly upset since he can turn on his stomach and at night since he wakes up so often ... So everything has its drawbacks.
  • reply - 2: The development of the babies is totally different, do not go crazy. The boys are usually faster mobile than the girls, but the girls can chat earlier and usually have a larger vocabulary.
  • reply - 3: It's the same with us! Two weeks ago Philipp turned his back on his stomach for two days and has not done so since then. In circles he crawls from time to time but he manages at most 90 degrees. I think with him is already on the weight. He brings at least a proud 10 kg on the scales. I have now resigned that he is just a bit lazy. At least we know that they could and nothing is cracked or something. At some point they have to turn and maybe everything will go very fast ...
  • reply - 4: until a week ago, our little one did not even turn around and just lay peacefully on his back ... and then suddenly he started turning so that it became his method of locomotion. He turns from one end of the room to the other. If it sees anything interesting, it turns that way until it reaches its destination ... Yesterday I left the room for a moment and when I got back it was on my laptop cable ... now it is for us the highest time to make the apartment child safe ...
    One week ago I would not have believed it ... it can really change so fast with the little ones. It is a miracle that we are allowed to participate. I'm so thankful for that ...
  • reply - 5: Hello Drakala, it was / is similar with us. Luke did not want to turn, even though he can. In the circle robben worked great against it. Two weeks ago, he suddenly started to push himself back and he also came relatively far (until the couch stopped him). That really went from one day to the other. Now we always hold our hands to his feet as a prop and he comes forward. Well, it works especially on laminate, because the carpet rather brakes than helps. But by itself is as good as nothing. It's the same with the turn. From Pekip I borrowed with so wedge pillow, so he has easier with the turn because he already has a slight inclination there. He cries but then immediately when I put it on it, because then he probably already knows what I want from him. Then I'll leave right away. And if he wants a toy, he turns for it and if he has, then he turns back to the starting position. For about 2 days now he turns much more sideways (so the winding is not so easy ...). I do not think you have to worry about that. Clara will do that soon, too, at the moment she is just as it is. Ours, on the other hand, has a thirst for action, I would be glad if he would be a bit quieter (hope he can not crawl so soon, because then I probably will not even follow him ...
  • reply - 6: My little one was born in july and thus younger than your little ones. She started shooting and crawling with 3 months from now to tomorrow and is crawling right now with 5 months and there is hardly any obstacle for her she .. Meanwhile she sits down and gets up at the couch etc.
    I always say enjoy the time where they are still lying! When this is over, it becomes unpleasant: D
    And in the end they can all crawl and talk!
  • reply - 7: I can only agree with the previous speaker. Our started about four weeks ago with the quadruped stand and now he crawls through the apartment. The only thing that keeps him from crawling after me everywhere is probably the fear of the unknown. Maybe even lack of strength, although I can not really believe it because he is active all day. And it has become quite exhausting, you have to have your eyes everywhere, the little one is faster than you think ...
    Do not worry, at some point they will all learn crawling / walking / talking and eventually they will have all their teeth :-). It's not a competition, yeah :)
  • reply - 8: Hello,
    So Terence turned his back on his stomach on December 25th because he was looking for a toy. He also rattled backwards weeks ago, but that somehow disappeared again ... Recently he felt unobserved and He has strained for a toy. He tried to raise his bottom but he really does not come from the spot. He always wants to stand on his arm and then stand up or sit on his lap, which he does not want to, she said Ärztin.Er he must sit down alone ... but do not go crazy, sometimes a lot happens within days: -D
  • reply - 9: Hey Drakala, with us it's also that Emilia does not want to turn. She is just lazy. If she can not get at a toy, she either gets bullied and moaned, or just takes her foot to play with. She is now 7 months old. That she does not crawl, actually bothers me a little, but the turning could ever start ...
  • reply - 10: @Knirpsknuffig: That's exactly what it looks like with Clara. No toy can be great enough. If she finds something good and she does not get it, then she complains first and then she leaves it and plays with something else and if it's just her fingers. But she also talks a lot. But tatatata .... she crawls backwards on slippery ground for a few days.

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