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I have the following problem (or I worry about it): Johanna snores from time to time very strong. In addition, I have the feeling that she has partial respiratory failure. These are location-independent, so also in lateral position. So far, she has always become restless in her sleep and has changed her mind so that she has continued to breathe. Which of you also has experience with snoring in children and can give me advice?


  • reply - 1: I would talk to the pediatrician in your place .... Maybe to the ENT ... Is unusual in such a small mouse ....
  • reply - 2: Hello

    My youngest is 23 months old and has been snoring since he was a baby. Snoring is not so bad, but that with the respiratory misfires, I would also clarify the ENT or pediatrician.


  • reply - 3: Hello, I would go to the hno, maybe your mouse has too large polyps (also called pharynx, not to be confused with the almonds). My daughter has gotten the polyps out (but for some other reason) and since then she does not snore anymore and has no more breath breakers.
  • reply - 4: Thank you for your answers !!! So make an appointment!
  • reply - 5: Reports on occasion.

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