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Leg in between numb and pain in the right rib area



am in the 33rd Ssw and for a few days my right leg is getting numb while running in between for a very short time. For about 1-2 minutes, then it goes again.

And for some time now, I have had pain every day in the right rib area. Then I can not really sit or lie in pain.

Must today anyway to the doctor and wanted to address that, but maybe someone knows what that could be?


  • reply - 1: The right rib area could be because your little you in the liver kicking oä.
    In any case, right is your liver. ;)
    unfortunately I know only too well ...

  • reply - 2: With me, the thigh is always numb to the knee ... dwarf presses on a nerve. Meralgia parastetica means that .... I hope I have now spelled correctly
  • reply - 3: As already written, maybe the baby pushes stupid nerves or something. Because of the pain in the liver area, there is hopefully only the baby, especially if you have no other symptoms, but could also point to a HELLP syndrome. So be sure to get clarified by the doctor! Get well :)
  • reply - 4: Thanks ... I asked my doctor yesterday. So the baby is nowhere in the rib area, because the pain is still above the uterus, according to my doctor. Are probably all somehow jammed nerves, even with the leg ...
  • reply - 5: I know that with the ribs; maybe not quite so extreme - but for about five months now I sometimes have pain in two left ribs. Only gets better if I change my position and stretch the spot a bit.
  • reply - 6: Hello. Did that last Saturday with the ribs. For me it's gallstones. Some have gone and have clogged the livery with me. Was also a week in the hospital. In addition, my right ribs are higher than the left ones. Take buscopan now if it does not work. Is clarified by gynecology. Can not even do anything in the house right now because I'm writhing in pain again 

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