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anxiety after 2 miscarriages


Good day, I'll get lost and tell you something about me.
My name is Melanie I'm 28 years old and there are no children and two miscarriages behind us. The first one in the 11th week with shedding and the second one in the 5th week with no bleeding bleeding. We do not want to give up and I would like to get some courage and look if you had such experiences and if you finally succeeded after two FG's.
I am very happy to answer Vllt sometimes by email: [email protected]
I thank you in advance 


  • reply - 1: Too bad that can not make me any courage :(
  • reply - 2: Hi,
    I'm sorry, what happened to you!
    did you let yourself examine you? Do you know why it was?
    I also had two miscarriages last year. As part of investigations, a coagulation disorder was detected in me.
    Look at the other threads as well, because unfortunately there are many women who had to do it through ...
  • reply - 3: Hello Melanie, many were determined here in the forum only about the Easter days too busy ... I also have a miscarriage in the 11th Week behind me, it was a Missed abortion. Unfortunately I can not tell you the story that you would definitely like to hear. We are just hoping that I will get pregnant again soon and then everything will be fine. But even after your two miscarriages is far from being said that something is wrong with you and you will not bring a healthy baby into the world. I have read so much here and everything seems to be possible. Unfortunately, you can usually control so little and I find it difficult to accept that. No one can tell you that next time you'll probably meet your child, but I wish you would! There is no reason to lose hope! I see that our star will take care of our next child. Maybe this idea helps you too.
  • reply - 4: Hello, ErstmL well I'm sorry that you have already 2 asterisk :-( It's just a bad experience ...
    I would like to encourage you - for me the story looks a bit different ... Fg aug 2012 (Missed abort) - 3 months later ss and my daughter was born at the end of july 2013 healthy. June 14 fg (Missed abort), nov 14 fg (Missed abort) ... All fg 9-11.week, all with curettAge ... finally I would be examined and found a coagulation disorder ... now I'm back ss (7 .ssw) and I'm afraid to lose it again, syringe but heparin and hope that everything will be fine ... Have you already seen something? Thyroid? Coagulation ??

  • reply - 5: Hello Mel ... had "only" a FG or still birth in the 15th Ssw (according to ultrasound, but mathematically in the 18th Ssw). Am now (since 04.03.) Mother of a beautiful boy and glad that everything went well. Here are some women who have been pregnant several times and who unfortunately did not manage the miracle Some have faded away for the next few weeks, as this constant hibbling and waiting for the positive test is already grueling. Others just drove away over the Easter holidays and not online. You will certainly get some experience over the next few days, the girls here are very active.

    LG flip

  • reply - 6: Hello Mel, I can only join the others, do not give up, it's a natural wonder. ;-) Keep all your courage and hope and it will work. After 2 FG you should check out if everything is OK, sometimes only small factors play a role or nothing at all and you can soon look back on positives. Here are some threads, look around. I had a FG 7 SSW in 2014 and am now pregnant again at the 28th week of pregnancy.

    Be heartily pressed

  • reply - 7: Thank you people for your answer with me will on 20.4. A blood test made to look after the coagulation I just hope that it works the third time and that the saying all good things are three true we want so much a baby but the fear is the two FG the more I think yes still people who got a healthy child after two FG 
  • reply - 8: In any case, those who are just hoping that the third pregnancy is going well ...
  • reply - 9: Yes, exactly 
  • reply Mmh, unfortunately i also know how feel feel Fg.2001 i got my big son, 2008 lost my daughter in the ss, her amniotic blister burst too early, 2011 get a healthy daughter, 2014 mine lost third daughter, through the umbilical cord and now exactly 40 days our little dot .... Was there about 7/8 SWS .... Since then, I wait for my mens to start again with the Hibbeln. Do not bother with much refusal, because of our soon-to-hibbel-craving, but as I do mourning, nobody cares. That's why I'm not feeling cold .... And we hope for a follow-up mum ... Our little dot was made by a iui, because I hardly Still have it at 36 ... Just as it will continue now for us ....
    I often find it difficult to think positively and he gives days that I only spend with howling ... But I would not have to say later either, we did not try everything or let too much time pass. Of this, my eggs will not be any better, the quality .... So let's think positive, hope and hibble together .....

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