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Birthdays of our 2017 babies


I would like to know how you celebrated the first birthday of your babies, or celebrate. Some moms already have a very specific idea  


  • reply - 1: Tim has on 6.9. his first birthday. It celebrates the traditional with the family. There will be coffee and cake and in the evening the barbecue will be fired.
    I will decorate the living room and prepare a real birthday table. A great cake will also be there and a small cake to squish  
    On 13.9. his birthday is celebrated a second time. There was his first heavy heart Op, it was not sure that he would do it  .
    It will be a very emotional day for all of us, but we are all the more happy to celebrate it 
  • reply - 2: We had planned a big family outing and we were really looking forward to it, because my family lives very scattered and we all rarely see each other.
    In the end everything turned out differently. Mateo got gastrointestinal, the holiday was canceled and we celebrated very small three at home.
  • reply - 3: I think this is a nice idea to celebrate the birthday again on the day of his surgery.
    He and you really had a very difficult start. I think that's really nice.
    Will you keep it that way or just do it this year?
  • reply - 4: We celebrated very small, as we noticed barely half a month early on the 3rd birthday of the great that it was a bit too much excitement for him. On the birthday directly we were in the afternoon with my parents eat ice cream and on Saturday we have then invited my parents and the sponsors of Raphael for coffee.
  • reply - 5: We will definitely keep it because it is an important date for us. There will not be any gifts on this day but we will be sitting with family and friends because we think this is Tim's real birthday 
  • reply - 6: I like that
  • reply - 7: Fiona had her first birthday on 26.04, we celebrated at the hut of my mother in law, with our parents, grandparents and siblings and it was perfect! I have decorated everything before, we have grilled and then there were pies, cake pops and coffee. Was a beautiful and sentimental day. 
  • reply - 8: We will celebrate in December with all grandparents, aunts ubd uncle and cousin with cake and dinner. There will be balloons and decorated. That's how we did it with the big one.
  • reply - 9: So we also celebrate with his family and friends his baby friends from the pekip group also come here I'll decorate everything beautifully a gift table is there and he gets a small cake to the mud and of course ne great to eat
  • reply - 10: We celebrated on the 1st birthday as a small family. Only we 3. We went to the zoo. The day after we had lunch with the grandmas and uncle. And on the weekend we celebrated with our friends. There was a lot of cake and later was grilled and the kids played outside in the ball pit.
    It was a beautiful day.

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