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Shortened cervix - oh dear ....


Hello my dears,

I got out of the hospital today.
After 1 week I could not stand it anymore. The doctors speak of peace and protection, since I was admitted with premature labor and shortened cervix (33 + 2 weeks) ,,, This week I have hardly slept, every night at least 10 times disturbed by other mommies and by silence ABSOLUTELY no trace ...

I hope that tomorrow I find a gynecologist who can prescribe the tocolysis (drip contractions inhibitor) in tablet form and the syringes for thrombosis. I can not get up in any case, as my cervix continues to shorten and my doctor is on vacation. The cervix, however, is tightly closed.

The hospital says it only good, but after 7 days without sleep, I almost go through. I can not imagine that this should be good for my little one?!?
She is very tender, weighs only 1.700 grams in my stomach, but here at home I can take much better care of her and REALLY have peace of mind ... so I left the KH on my own responsibility. Christmas Eve was awful there.

And anyway, from next week I'm in the 34 weeks, there are all measures against a premature birth hired. I also had the lung maturity there, so I hope to have done everything right ...

Maybe someone of you has experienced something similar? I am very worried and can not really think of anything else ... In addition, my doctor is on vacation until 07.01?!?

Thank you very much for your answers - thank you


  • reply - 1: hello meli

    do not make you crazy as long as you do not blow and blow jump you can still weeks with shortened muhals and soft mumu survive but you should lie a lot and just do all the necessary as loo and shower .... my fa has not looked since the 30ssw more to the muhals because he says that it is quite normal from the week he is also shortened but there should be no labor and since your little one has the lungs mature now I would now come to rest and make you no further worries about it Always make sure that you notice your sweet daily and everything will be fine

  • reply - 2: Meli as Susa says do not worry so long as there are no contractions and bubble jump. My cervix was raised around the 29th week and I also walked around to 40 + 0 with 2.5 cm open cervix and 1.3 cm cervix. Be sure to lie down and get on as well as you can!

    Greetings and all the best

  • reply - 3: Hello girls,

    Your answers are doing me really well right now - thanks for that. I've just told my husband that this community can really help you a lot ... I'm really good on the couch and in the morning I swing my phone over the medication. I hope to find a doctor who can also make a recipe without knowing and seeing me.

    Thank you dear and have a nice evening for you :-)

  • reply - 4: My FA has not done any vaginal examination yet. According to the last two Ctg's I had no contractions yet. Maybe it's because. Although I think I already had some. Let's see how it looks at ctg next week. My FA is still on vacation
  • reply - 5: Hello!
    I am at 34 + 2 today and have had noticeable contractions since the beginning of November. Which means: the stomach is always really hard doll, so that my worm can not move in this time (about 1 minute). Will be stapled downright. ;)
    Since then, I have been taking the maximum daily dose for labor, but it does not really help much. For this reason, at least every 7-10 days at my FA to control at the latest.

    Now I was on 26.12. At the hospital in the evening because I was afraid of losing amniotic fluid. Fortunately, that was not the case.Of course, they also did CTG, ultrasound and vaginal examination and wanted to keep me right there, so that I could get the bump-resistant drip. They have determined that my cervix has shortened and already a funnel formation on the cervix can be seen.
    The doctor showed it so dramatically that I felt really bad after I decided to go home. I wanted to return to my FA and hear his opinion the next day before I go to the KH for the next 2-3 weeks.
    Was then there the next day and got the following statement:
    He would also have been very surprised if, after weeks of labor, one did not see any effect on the uterine mouth and neck. Since I was already in the 34th week, I should not let me get nervous. In his opinion (and it must be mentioned that I have already heard of several other FAs only good about him) I could easily continue to lie at home and take care and would not have to do that in the KH. He also believes that they would have held me there for another 2-3 weeks.
    He assumes that I can leave my little one for 2 or 3 weeks in my stomach and that would be sufficient, because I expect no tender child.

    @ Meli1981
    I can understand that you could not stand it anymore at the KH. I can not rest there either. It starts with the terrible mattresses. They kill your hips and you are always in your own juice. ;)
    Besides, I personally do not realize that I have any needles or anything like that in my arms. There is no thought of relaxation!

    Just move as little as possible and it will certainly go well long enough! In any case, you have a clear advantage in terms of lung maturity. That was not an issue for me yet. Will ask my FA on Wednesday times.

    Wish you (and me) anyway a few largely pleasant and hassle-free weeks baby in the stomach !!!

  • reply - 6: Good morning dear girls,

    Thank you again for your answers - also thanks to Simbimse for your detailed story ... It is so much reassuring to feel that you are not alone - you are great :-)

    I have been out of the KH for 3 days now - and stick to the bed rest. Just get up to take a shower or go to the bathroom. I can tell you, FINALLY I could find sleep and it does not come 25 times a day someone (especially strangers) into the room.

    The tablets (contractions) I now take every 4 hours and high-dose magnesium. I hope I can do it for a few more weeks and I wish you all the same!

    Keep me posted on how you're doing ...

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