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Hip dysplasia in pregnancy


So today I got the confirmation that I have an innate HD   , Never really had any problems with that, but my BS incident causes me more probs. Does anyone know if this can affect the birth or the rest of the SS, or do I have to do a KS?  The only advantage of the confirmation is probably now that I know where my abdominal pain could come from under stress   (in kindergarten, etc.), but I have to clarify this on Tuesday first time in Gyn. Maybe someone of you knows something in advance, I'm very grateful for answers; o) lg Susanne


  • reply - 1: I'm also curious - have that also --.- plus a spinal curvature - scoliosis! Have in 2 weeks an orthopedic appointment ...
    Why was it discovered so late with you? LG
  • reply - 2: I also have a dysplasia that I do not notice in good training. But even in my first SS I had extreme problems. The changed weight and the changed posture make the hip to create. At the moment I can not walk properly anymore. My students are always confused when I suddenly fold over because my hip is slipping. I have now bought pain oil from Wala. It helps with mild pain. If I have a boost but nothing more  . 
    But that had no effect on my first birth.
  • reply - 3: Did you have permanent abdominal pain? when getting up, even sit down sometimes while turning in the bed. Today it was so bad that I can hardly walk. Could this be related to this dysplasia.
  • reply - 4: Until 5 years ago, I had no, in my eyes, significant problems. But as a herniated disc was diagnosed and my Ortho has mentioned if I had children already, because if I still want some I could get problems.
  • reply - 5: I have the pain in my butt and thighs.
  • reply - 6: Well I do not notice anything, to be honest - at least until now! Although I have to say that I have quite often abdominal pain, since the ss. But I would not have gotten into the connection with my hip - I thought it would be because of the constant stress at work. - my mother in law in Spee is a physiotherapist and said today to me, I would see this with my hip running today, but a week ago, for example, she would not have looked at me ... already crazy somehow ...
  • reply - 7: Hey you love,
    Did you get told by now if you would rather have a KS done or spontaneously deliver?
    My sister has scoliosis and hip dysplasia and is about to give birth but somehow most doctors do not say much about it, she is more likely to be passed back and forth.
    Thank you in advance :-)

    Aida (27 + 4)

  • reply - 8: I also suffer from both - my orthopedist also said he could not say much, because every birth is different! Basically, nothing would stand in the way of a normal birth. I'm just curious how to work with the scoliosis and pda ... * fear *
  • reply - 9: So I have an orthotermin on tuesday. Because of hüftdisplasie u because of my herniated disc whether it works with pda. If I know more exactly, I'll get in touch. My FA said because of the hip, he does not believe that there is a probs possibly because of the pda that ma could not do this. Let's see
  • reply - 10: Good evening, so I've learned before ca.2j that I have a HD both sides and I'm now for the 8th time pregnant never had problems so only now more often a pull in the thigh or I can run bad where I read this I also know where I got the pain from

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