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Food (haram or halal) ???


Selamun aleykum sister,

It was recommended by you to open a thread where we carry food of any kind and also whether it is halal or haram ..

who likes to write what it does haram or halal ...

And now go ... 


  • reply - 1: haram:
    Froop yogurt
    contain gelatin
  • reply - 2: orchard of ehrmann (gelatine)
    lye biscuits from the baker may contain lard
  • reply - 3: finished pudding from the refrigerated shelf
  • reply - 4: pretzel and haram ... ??
  • reply - 5: Görtz bakery uses only herbal agents. Know someone from the dear bakery and said that until a year ago they smeared lard on the pretzel but not anymore. Apparently the pretzels stay so soft and shiny: ((( 
  • reply - 6: I always ask for lye cookies, because some bakers only take vegetable fat or butter for the dough. but there are also some who use lard. the baker z.b. in our neighborhood: - /
  • reply - 7: Kaiserbrötchen from Werner's bakery use lard, there works a brother who told me
  • reply - 8: not all pudinngs are with pig, can you name sorts?
  • reply - 9: what about the juices like orange juice, apple juice? and the carbonated drinks such as cola fanta etc?
    I do not know I've heard something about apple juices but I'm not sure ?? 
  • reply - 10: For juices it is so, for example, apple juice is the naturtüb is allowed, but the bright one is clarified with gelatin so that it becomes so bright.

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