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Hibbellounge Vol.12


Goodness, how fast time goes by. Now we have gotten our Hibbellounge again  

If the other is full, then it continues here  hibbel, hibbel


  • reply - 1:

    Hey, I'll join you right now, there's not much to read :);)

    We have also been hibbling on a sibling since January :)

    My daughter is now 2 1/2 and wishes for a baby brother;)

    Just take a look :)


    (have quite irregular cycle, take chaste tree and had the pain after on the MO my ES;))


  • reply - 2: Please first make the Hibbellounge Vol. 11 full !!!
    Thank you!!!
  • reply - 3: Welcome! :)

    We have also been hibbling since January :)
    I'm sorry about your cycle ...

    Gizem, well, so of course you increase the chances of getting pregnant if you have 5 days before the ES already GV, then the sperm density is higher waiting for the oaks :)

  • reply - 4:

    Ok sry - did not just want to intervene in the other post with my "hello here I am ..."


    jankdani - so if it should happen then we have hopefully done enough that it works;) :) and on the day of the ES: P;)


    And how are you? What did you do to prevent it?

  • reply - 5: Yes, hopefully :) where are you in the cycle?

    We're just fine! :) Hope that I had my ES now and wait to see if it worked!

    I got the 3 month injection until October 2013 and then different pills until January 2015 :)
    And you?

  • reply - 6: It does not matter. But you can write anywhere no matter how new you are ;-)
  • reply - 7: Also from me a warm welcome and a nice hibbelzeit!
  • reply - 8:

    Good morning girls ...
    The day before yesterday the Ovu was fat positive, yesterday then only my tempi has risen a little bit and in the afternoon I had very dolle the Mittelschmerz. So no doubt = Yesterday was my ES. However, today is the tempi again bagged .... Well wait and see, but should now climb up high tomorrow ...

  • reply - 9:

    Haha pretty much like you!

    I also had the syringe up to ok and then a pretty strong pill because of my impure skin, and then I changed and with that I did not go well and then we decided to get a second before I take any other pill!

    So I think I had on the MO the IT - wait and see :) Have a good feeling, but somehow that's nothing - my body deceives me quite often lately :) in the last cycle, I'm pretty sure I had no IT and So no rule, well you can imagine how I was on XD


    Thanks for the nice greeting to everyone :)

  • reply - 10: Girls you know that some FAs only later make a US. I am at 4 + 4 today and my FA seems to be ill for a long time and others are on vacation.

    Do you know if other FAs need to do a US suspected vaginal fungus or infection?

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