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Misconduct in pregnancy


Beautiful evening,

I did not know 2 weeks ago that I was pregnant and I was carrying / lifting hard and that several times ... (did not have any bleeding after that but white liquid discharge, odorless)
This week I tested positive on Tuesday and just thought oh god ... not that something happened ..
Well, what I've noticed in the last few days is that when I do something or overstress that there comes from the liquid white vaginal discharge ..: / is the normal?


  • reply - 1: I can not give you an exact answer. I have more vaginal discharge at the moment than usual. But I would not worry about that. In the beginning, everything or nothing applies. I had two weeks before the test, so about the implantation around, very humid happily celebrated with a friend her birthday and then dragged piggyback through half of Berlin. : D did not seem to have hurt it. It goes without saying that one does not do the test.
  • reply - 2: Haha had to laugh when I read your commi ..

    That's reassuring, thanks: D

  • reply - 3: So I'm in the 10th Week and constantly carry around 12 kilos :) my little 1 year, can not run yet and is very affectionate. Try to avoid it, but it's hard ...
  • reply - 4: I took medication before I knew about the pregnancy. Was caught cold and in the exam stress and threw in Ibuprofen and Wick Medinait, without thinking about it.
    Had it harmed the baby, it would most likely have gone off right away. As already said ... In the beginning, the all or nothing principle applies. So I would not worry so much.
    As far as the discharge is concerned ... That's normal and even good! The vagina is currently supplied with much more blood and therefore there is more vaginal discharge. This should protect against external influences such as bacteria, etc., if I remember the words of my gyn properly ...
    So everything is fine! :)
  • reply - 5: Hello I have in my 1 pregnancy before I knew it twice properly celebrated. .. So then the period stay away and I the positive test. I was clearly worried but there are far worse things .. Like smoking drugs. ... and if that makes the women aware ...
  • reply - 6: I do not think you have to worry much! Do not wear so much heavy in the future! And the white river is completely normal!
  • reply - 7: Hey,
    I would not worry about that. When I did not know anything about my pregnancy, I had a few celebrations, smoked a lot, underwent anesthesia and got strong painkillers. My gynecologist said when I'm still pregnant, the baby has taken no harm. Head up, enjoy the pregnancy. 
  • reply - 8: In my first pregnancy, I climbed on the straw car ignorant and dumped straw. Now in the 2nd, I also spared on the farm with tackle and drag 12 KG around. The prospective big sister wants since the pregnancy felt more in the arm
  • reply - 9: Wow: O
    What you all already have behind you and that even in the first weeks of pregnancy .. Then I'm really calm .. Only my fear is just constantly there, because I had on 22.07.2015 a Ausschabung: /
    I'm afraid that it repeats itself or it ends again as 3 months ago ...

  • reply - 10: This fear is always there even if the first went well. Even now at the 2nd, thought it will be better. I do 3 crossed if I see our crumbs in 3 weeks weider and everything is ok. 

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