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Pregnant women from Styria


Is someone from Styria here?


  • reply - 1: Hello. Yes I 
  • reply - 2: cool! Where exactly?
  • reply - 3: From the beautiful ennstal and you? How are you? Is this your first child?
  • reply - 4: From Eastern Styria!
    Yes, my first child. I'm in the 17th week. And you?
  • reply - 5: My third and last at the end, a young boy. Am in the 19ssw
  • reply - 6: I am also from Eastern Styria and am beginning of the 20th week.
  • reply - 7: Hello,

    we already have a thread for Mamis from Austria.
    Please continue writing there, I will close here then.

    Thank you and best regards

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