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I'll open the thread :)
I became a mother of twins in March 17. (But active in April club)
How was / is your first year?


  • reply - 1: Hello, I got twins in December 2017, the first year is going really well so far the two are quite easy to care for and the big brother (4 years) helps where he can. 
  • reply - 2: I'm also from the December club. My dwarves are spontaneously popped out 35 + 2. Minnie Mouse did not want to wait while Micky would have liked to stay longer.
    They are now 7.5 months old and I do not notice that they are actually five weeks early. They are already very far in their development.
    The mister sits and crawls and pulls himself up everywhere. And everything together for almost a month. My miss is also crawling since last week and now starts pulling up and sitting.
    And with teeth 3 and 4, the current madness is perfect!
  • reply - 3: So I'll join you. My boys were born in April at 27 + 3. Actually, they should leave themselves until July time. There would have been the ET. After a quarter of a year fight in the clinic and another terrifying moment at home with hospital stay, the boys have now developed super. Today is our first Children's Day. I'm so excited.
  • reply - 4: Hey, together, I gave birth in September, but I'm active in the October Club. My couple came at 38.4 after introduction. Previously, they were still turned from the outside. At the moment I find her very nice, but still very exhausting. Food is starting to work out pretty well, but most of all, they would probably be breastfed forever. Otherwise, they are very mobile. Although he always pretends and emulates them then :-) Sleeping is currently also quite exhausting to little, but I think that is due to the weather ...
  • reply - 5: My di-di guys were spontaneously born 33 + 6. Both about 2 kg light
    After 14 days in the kh it went home.
    I'm always alone with the two of them. Days and weeks were hard. Breastfeeding did not work and I fought hard that it works ... so we still breastfeed 17 months later.
    At the moment, the nights are very exhausting. During the day it is the normal madness that you have with 2 small children just :)

    How are your children together? Do they bicker a lot? Are you a heart and a soul?
    My boys can do both well. Sometimes they love each other, hugging each other and kissing each other ... the next moment they hewn and ripped off toys again.

  • reply - 6: Our two also quarrel regularly. First you can see how nice they are with each other. Zack looks away for a moment and is scooped up again or something snatched from the other. First you hear them laughing and happy how they love each other and two seconds later, the roar goes off.
  • reply - 7: We can do both, great joy and in the next moment the fight for the toy arises. Our Valentine is about 2 kg heavier and overall more robust, so that his cuddles are sometimes a bit too much for Elise. Then the roar starts.
    What are your dwarfs called?
  • reply - 8: Hello, nice that I found you by accident :)
    Our two wonders are called Maxim and Mia. ET was in October, but they were born in September (36.SSW) after cerebral pelvic cesarean section. You are very nice (still?!?). Both have been sleeping since the beginning of February. Mia is already running a lot (she is held with both hands) Maxim now starts slowly.They pull them up everywhere .... nothing is more sure ..... the food works quite well .... the drink (water, tea) could run better. I often wonder how the other one does ..... 400 ml of tea a day? Not possible with us .......
  • reply - 9: How were your first day of manger?
  • reply - 10: Hello. The first days were great. They like to go there. 2 days we were there and then we bring them really only. They had already eaten barley for lunch. Today comes the breakfast. They only said the boys are easy to care for. I'm happy that it works out.

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