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  • reply - 1: huhu I can understand you well since I've learned that I'm pregnant 17w + 4 I wonder how my body could survive that I had bleeding for 4 weeks in October. but something like performance bleeding should be different.
  • reply - 2: Thanks for the encouragement. For the Einarbeitungsblutung it is too late for me. In my case, I think it's my fault, I thought the first two pregnancies were both going smoothly and I thought I could go on doing everything, that is. Children, household, work. I was swimming the day before the bleeding with my two kids (3.5 years and 1.5 years old). It was clear that I have to run after them and sometimes have to wear them. Well and now that!
  • reply - 3: I had a bleed in the 8 ssw and then a huge hematoma that was bigger than the baby in the fruit cavity .. I had to keep quiet until the 12th week and was not allowed to do much. The hematoma has receded very slowly. That was a good thing, because it could have gone off with a slide and could have swept the baby in the fruit cave. That was the danger, said the doctor. I was also very scared all the weeks. Now I'm in the 31 ssw and the baby is growing and is cheerfully .. Everything went well ..
  • reply - 4: Thanks, that calms me a lot! I always thought a bleeding automatically means a miscarriage. I now have an appointment every week with my gynecologist for control. I'm always looking forward to that, I want to see on ultrasound that the baby is okay.
  • reply - 5: Hello

    I had a very heavy bleeding with pain in the 6 weeks of pregnancy and I thought it was over by now I am 20 weeks pregnant and the little boy is super and I still have a slight bleeding after the GV because of that we almost do without it but like you So far, you can see everything and a hematoma is forming well. You have to try to take it back as best you can until it is gone.

    I wish you all the best and a nice pregnancy

  • reply - 6: I am in the 21.ssw.ich had in the 12th Ssw over 4 weeks severe bleeding with pain and vomiting.sam also ab.habe immediately get a job ban because I have a lot of stress in the work (amtsgericht) .then everything was fine was just lie. my doctor was careful because in August I had already bleeding in the 6th week and the bqby before lost. was in the next cycle immediately pregnant again. the bleeding in this pregnancy came through stress!
  • reply - 7: Thanks for your answers! I did not have any problems with my first two SS, so I thought it was going so well. I got my first two children by caesarean section, which I can read - leads to adhesions / scars and apparently favors the formation of hematoma and thus the bleeding.
  • reply - 8: Hello
    i am also the third time pregnant ... my big one will be in January four my second in august two! So similar to you ... and I had in the 15.SSW also bleeding four times a week ... The first time strong, then lighter always without pain and I should also protect the beginning even bed rest ... let search but hardly manage, my husband is a doctor with services and our families live far away and are still working! The prescribed home help never came up, so I had to do everything. I've always lain down and told my big one that I can only take him in the lap when he climbs alone. My then 14-month-old daughter had taken up anyway, when she cried and then sat down ...
    I also always worried that bleeding again.
    But after that nothing was more, despite the not possible protection! I'm in the middle of the 23rd week and everything is great. The small grows in time and moves a lot and strong. You can feel it from the outside. The "big" siblings are really excited :)
    I keep my fingers crossed that it's the same as mine and only a terrible moment of terror remains. By the way, you already have two sweet kids :)
  • reply - 9: Hello! Have your answer only now read. I'm glad that everything goes well with you. That with "spare" is not very realistic for me. The big man understands it a bit, always points to my stomach and explains to the little one: there's a baby in there! The little one but I'm sorry, if he hurts and arrives crying, then I have to take him in his arms. I continue to work for that. Luckily it is usually a bit quieter at work earlier this year. And there I do not have to carry anything, mostly I work in a sitting position, that works. So far, I have not had any further bleeding. Hopefully it will continue this way. Am now every week at my FA for ultrasound to check whether the bruise is smaller. The baby looks good, everything in the normal range, we are just in the 16th week.
  • reply - 10: I'm glad for you that it has not come back yet ... I hope it stays that way with you ... I could not work, my little one had no Kitaplatz and it was good as well. just make the qualification to childminder ... Then I can work more flexible and then look after my three sweet ones
    I wish you all the best for the pregnancy, birth and the time afterwards with your three little ones :)

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