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Hello Mommy =)
Maybe you can help me with my decision ..
At the moment, I always put a hot water bottle under my blanket before our evening program starts, so that she can always jump into a warm bed. Yes, my little one is a real frostbite =) now it was more often that she wants to keep it under the blanket. I was always a bit scared of it, because what if this is really leaking and got me a grain pillow but that rejects them strictly because of the smell .. Hot water bottles in various motives there are like sand on the sea and you would certainly like it one But unfortunately my fear plays with ..
So my question to you, what experiences did you do with it?


  • reply - 1: Why should it be leaking?

    Elias has been taking his "mäh" (shaun hot water bottle) to bed for almost a year.

    The danger with hot water bottles is rather in the burning (because too hot) than in the leakage.

    Advantage over grain pillows is that the heat is kept much longer.

  • reply - 2: So we have both.
    Maybe as a small tip: (I do not know how old your little one is and maybe she can already read)
    I have ordered a granary pillow on ebay and the great darsn was that the saleswoman sewed on the name of the child. That looks so great! And above all, my little one knows that it is his. I always tell him that his name is on it. He can not read but always when he sees it says his name :)
    You can choose the colors so synonymous yes.
  • reply - 3: yes my little one can read and write her name but that's really a nice gift idea =)
  • reply - 4: Mmh ... how about it: you warm the bed with the hot water bottle before you replace the water for lukewarm water and it may stay in bed:)
  • reply - 5: Now it was some months ago but now she starts again ..
  • reply - 6: Will be colder again :)
  • reply - 7: My midwife told me off in any case ab.sie knew well cases where the bottle has leaked ...
  • reply - 8: We got a sheep as a heat pad that smells like lavender.
    There are also other fragrances.Before she goes to bed practically her bedchamber is warmed. The critter is available on the Internet and is called * Warmies *
    There are also other animals there.

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