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Baby Mass in Berlin


From 7.11. until 9.11.

if you sign up, you will receive a two-euro discount per person on the day ticket


  • reply - 1: And what is it all there ... Was still on messe sorry so it does not know 
  • reply - 2: Edit: never
  • reply - 3: There are articles for children up to 6 years. Baby wish, pregnancy until school enrollment.

    I was not there yet but will go there.

  • reply - 4: Will also try to stop by thank you for the infoo
  • reply - 5: You're welcome
  • reply - 6: How are there
  • reply - 7: Since you will be animated again only to buy!
    can not go anywhere anyway and buy me dead everywhere   
  • reply - 8: We want to go to Munich in the babymesse
  • reply - 9: We were in Hamburg at the fair and we loved it. Take a lot of bags with you, because you get really a lot of gifts. When we wanted to go home, our stroller was fully overloaded. Since you get really many things / samples given. So it was well worth it for us. And the selling things also cheaper than in the trade.
    You can go with a stroller and even borrow a baby carrier.

    I can only recommend it :)

  • reply - 10: When is that in Munich?

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