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Denied left breast + weaning?


Hello dear Mamie's!
I have the following problem: My mouse 6 1/2 months was fully breastfed until last Friday Problem currently is that she totally refused the left breast is that I went to the said Friday at midnight to the hospital because I have shortness of breath and a very high Have had blood pressure; my mother stayed home with the little one and gave her a bottle of course because we did not know what was going to happen; since I still felt very powerless on Saturday and Sunday, the little one also got flascherl and chest; since the incident, it seems to me that I have less milk and the small is not full, so I make her a bottle and she drinks zw 60 and 150ml 1-2al a day; Now I wonder if it would be better to abate?
Does anyone know?

Thank you and best regards


  • reply - 1: Just leave the bottle and hang up your mouse as many times as you like. If she's hungry she'll drink, even if it sounds hard. We had something similar too.
  • reply - 2: Do you want to breastfeed?

    My mother refused to breastfeed and I breastfed her with only one breast. The chest needs a bit until she has adjusted, but it works. However, then the nursing breast is slightly larger than due to unquenched, but this settles after nursing again.

  • reply - 3: I really do not want to wean, I'm just important that my mouse is full. And before the incident, she has endured up to 4 hours.
    From time to time I have a pull in the link Beust then I stroke the milk. I still try to put them on the left breast sometimes drink sometimes 2 minutes sometimes only screaming.

    That's why I'm already a bit helpless.

  • reply - 4: If you do not want to breastfeed then put it on often and do not give it a bottle. Then it settles again after a few days. I somehow had more milk in my left breast than in my right, then the little one refused the right breast. And then I almost breastfed her until her first birthday with only her left.
    I wish you all the best!
  • reply - 5: I unintentionally weaned her from the left breast because I could barely use my left hand for about 10 weeks and it was so difficult for me and awkward (had carpal tunnel syndrome). There is still milk, but she still uses them only for sucking, for drinking rather the rights. The advantage is that I can then decide that she gets the left if I want her to eat more firmly;)
  • reply - 6: We had the problem Search help got an osteopath. He solved the problem very quickly. The little one had tensions and thus pain when putting on the left. Maybe that helps you too.
  • reply - 7: My little one just wanted to drink on one side and just cried on the other side. I thought it had something to do with the teeth. Later it turned out that she had a middle ear infection on one side and therefore could not drink because of pain. Even if you do not think it necessary, I'll give you the tip to have your little one checked.I felt really bad back then when I heard about the middle ear infection.
    best regards :)
  • reply - 8: Does the little one already eat porridge? 6mt you could start with it, because of the full, bottle can lead to suction confusion. You could also abstive at this age, if you do not want that, then invest a lot! The milk is coming back !!! Demand-demand principle. I am for long-term breastfeeding, mine has weaned itself with year.
  • reply - 9: Yes, we started with porridge already, she takes it well too. Only when breastfeeding she screams more and more and I think she is not full. To stop thinking?!? ....
  • reply - 10: Instead of quitting you just give something else, if you think she is still hungry. Would not it be a pity about the beautiful MuMi, which is still there.

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