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Sexual intercourse in pregnancy


I hope not too offensive topic, but so our worms are all created nunmal, I think then you can talk about it as it looks in the SS or what problems there.


  • reply - 1: I like that. with me is the demand inmoment very large but the orgasm is different. I always think oh man that was it now he was damned he was there but that certain feeling is missing. of 4 times are 3 times so. sometimes that works but it is the same as it used to be. Do you know that too?
  • reply - 2:
    To my regret, I do not feel like doing anything at the moment and I usually do not feel well and I have no head for it.
    Besides, I'm really scared that something will happen, I know that's totally stupid, but somehow it's in me.

    This morning I persuaded myself after a long time and was in pain immediately afterwards (my husband said of course that I am in constant pain and it has nothing to do with it, probably he is right).
    I want to talk to the next appointment again with the FA, but the appointment lasts ... my husband I'm sorry, but he actually understands, but it is logically already missing, especially since for us stop is not the norm;)

    What about you, everything as always or concerns?

  • reply - 3: I did not have one today (which is not otherwise) and I know for a fact that I was just completely undecided. I really hope that it will get better soon and that I feel like it again and that my concerns subside
  • reply - 4: So my doctor has said as long as you have no severe pain and then no bleeding, it is even good for the child. Since the mother has orgasm so happy feeling that is transferred to the child. but as soon as you have pain above even bleeding should be just in the first 12 weeks wait.
  • reply - 5: Well, I also thought and my husband was sorry. He also tried again and again, but I just did not want to. My breasts are so sensitive and I feel different somehow. Well, we did abstinence this morning after 6 weeks. But somehow it is different, as you already say dandelion ... Let's wait and see how it goes on. My poor man 
  • reply - 6: I do not feel like it, my husband said, "I could be 9 months without" 
  • reply - 7: Great topic  
    So with me it is actually so that there is pleasure, but by nausea, the heartburn, etc. the last few weeks went nothing. Since 2 days I'm actually fine so far and of course we took advantage of that right away it was so blatantly intense and beautiful, very tender and played. I think through the increased circulation now everything feels different.

    And what I wanted to share:
    When I was pregnant with my star child 2 years ago, we had regular GS and one time I had an orgasm, after I started to cry uncontrollably! Everything was fine, but I could not control anything and I started to cry Unpleasant and funny at the same time. My husband was still over me and laughed. I'll never forget that. Amazing how hormones, brain and body act together in pregnancy  


  • reply - 8: Due to nausea and other ailments I have less desire. But if I feel better and exchange caresses with my partner, I have to say that it's just great. Much more intense than before. Especially the orgasm 
  • reply - 9: Well, if I read this, then I hope that I feel better soon, and I can soon throw my fear overboard.
  • reply - 10: I feel that the orgasm is not only intense, but also takes longer?!

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