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Hello to all the stars mums here  
Hope, of course, no mum must or even had this year to bring her baby quietly to the world  but if it does, I would be very happy to have an exchange with you.

Lg Suki with Kimiko & Inori in the heart


  • reply - 1: My name is Suki, I'm 24 years old and I'm from the BabyClub July 2019 ...
    On 01.07.2019 our Mono Mono twin girls should have seen the light of day, but everything changed ...

    On the 21st of January we were back at the FA and I realized right away, something's wrong ... I just heard my FA saying I'm so sorry. The tears did not stop running anymore The hours after this shock message I only perceived as in a trance. Back home, just in bed, staring at the ceiling. Why? This question came to me over and over, even now. I can not understand it the day before, both were still zealously zipping in my stomach and only hours later, it was all over   

    On Tuesday morning, we drove to the birth of the hospital. I was just crying on the ride ... It was awful and it felt so wrong the hospital staff was very cold ... everything was clinically correct and I was about to go home again my darling talked to me well and tried to calm me down a bit. Around noon, I already noticed the first contractions. The doctor wanted to persuade me several times to a painkiller and give me something to reassure, but I refused. I wanted to consciously experience the birth. Had the feeling, the doctor and the heaviest also just wanted me to stop complaining ... at night there was just a midwife to see us. She said after the examination, Mumu only at 3 cm, as happens in the next few hours anyway. That was probably the case for them. My darling was mad and wanted to complain already. But did not want him to leave me alone.
    Went to noon the next day in front of me, in between just crying ... shortly after 14 clock was the mumu finally at 7 cm and then the contractions were always stronger and came every few minutes. About an hour later our kimiko was there and right after her sister Inori (ssw 17 + 2) the umbilical cords of the two had been completely knotted together they were so tiny, but absolutely perfect, our daughters! I love her over everything and miss her very badly  

    How can one ever cope with such a loss? It is now nine days ago and life seems to me pointless ... on 12.02. Let us bury our daughters. Then at least we have a place where we can visit 

  • reply - 2: I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart that you have to go through this.
    We buried our twins Amelie and Louis on January 18th :( They came on New Year's Eve in the 23 + 6 ssw by caesarean section .. I know how you feel and I push you unknown way from afar.

    I wish you very much strength and a strong together for the next time because that is very important now that you hold together! Your little girls will always live in your hearts while you are there 

  • reply - 3: Hello Lilka93! Thank you for your answer and compassionate words!
    I am very sorry that you lost your twins Amelie and Louis may I ask how this happened? How are you doing after the cesarean section? Hope, at least your physical pain is not too big  

    My friend and I are talking a lot right now. He got sick first. As of Monday, he will be back to work and I do not know how to survive the time alone at home ... consider seeking professional help. Do you have experience with that?

  • reply - 4: I got a slight tugging in the stomach but I did not think anything .. because it was not less we are in the kh to have a look there they tell me the cervix is ​​3 cm open I have moved to another kh are those with early from the 22 ssw work in the neo ... was also connected to the tokolyse .. arrived said the doctor only the cervix is ​​fully open they have press swollen and since Louis but lay across they had to make a caesarean section .. what the trigger for it but now was unfortunately no doctor can tell me !!
    Unfortunately, they were just too weak to keep fighting: '(which was the best for my children even if it sounds bad Amelie would have been a nursing case all her life and I would not wish her a life like that ..
    they both miss us scary but since the funeral everything is much easier ..
    physically I am very well!

    I know the feeling. My husband was home after the whole 3 weeks but it came to the fact that I myself almost died in the operation was dependent on his help .. but now that he is working again I often feel alone and try with household and our daughter (5 years) to divert.

  • reply - 5: No, I have not gotten any help first because I'm with everything "very good" of course, but I said as soon as I realize it will get worse I help because of that I can not promise you anything because ..
    but if you realize you need it then please get help ... that's very important
  • reply - 6: Oh no, that must have been very bad can you imagine, you also felt very helpless in the situation or?  
    I can understand what you mean. I would not wish for such a life as a nursing care for my child  
    May I ask if there were any complications during the surgery? Luckily you have recovered from it now! That was certainly very bad for your husband, the fear of possibly even losing you  
    I will certainly have this feeling of loneliness too, and I'm a bit scared of it ...
    Nice that your daughter can distract you at least a little. At that age, she sure as well noticed that? How does she handle it?

    Hope, I'll be a little better after the funeral. I'll call the FA on Monday for a follow-up appointment and then I'll ask them if they have any psychologists in the field who specialize in this kind of thing.

  • reply - 7: Yes, even in the kh I only cried because I was just scared but I knew it would not be any different ...
    yes, I had a funeral water embolism during the cesarean section ..
    yes she speaks a lot about her siblings and now and then she cries because of the two ..
  • reply - 8: Hello,

    I am very sorry for your loss, I can also feel that very well.

    On Jan. 31st, 1919, we had to bury our Felix, who was born on 16.01.2019 in the 37th week of pregnancy, after an acute placental infarction with umbilical cord thrombosis. On 9.01. could, after I had worried whether 2 days rest in the stomach, no more heartbeat be detected, from there would try several times a day to initiate the birth, which only on 15.01. in the evenings went by the opening of the amniotic sac.
    Every day I wonder how to survive that and frighten myself about how much the everyday life takes a.
    Unfortunately, I do not feel the same after the funeral, we also try to look forward positively but sometimes I just want to be angry, sad and disappointed ... why Felix, of all people, why would not he just 5 weeks before the delivery date could have come, then everything would have been fine, he was completely healthy ...
    Now I even have a thrombosis in my leg and have to inject but my doctors want to see me as soon as possible at the hematologist to have my blood examined for a possible coagulation disorder, which could counteract in a follow-up pregnancy by injecting and since I'm already 37 and 24 ever had a miscarriage and now the deathbirth, should everything be investigated promptly, so that we can give Felix a sibling, that's what we promised him (wrote him letters that we have put in the grave).


  • reply - 9: I can imagine 
    Oh no, as if everything was not terrible enough  
    The poor little one that must be very difficult for her ...  

    How are you currently?
    Since the week my friend is working again and being home alone is anything but easy To top it off, the pram was delivered on Monday just had cried the rest of the day ...

  • reply - 10: Hello Katya, oh no, how awful I am so sorry that you lost your Felix so shortly before birth  

    The funeral is here next Tuesday and I do not know how to survive this day That is so unfair why do you have to bury your babies as mom? I still can not understand it and just want it back!

    I only got an appointment with a psychologist for the end of March  
    may I ask if you have also sought professional help?

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