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Parent abroad and / or of another nationality


Everything that even comes close to this topic can be discussed here from now on. ;)

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  • reply - 1: Then I'll start
    My friend is an Egyptian and we finally made the paternity recognition. Now our baby finally has a daddy in Germany. Hach what am I glad.

  • reply - 2: Yeah, congratulations! ; D

    We also have a small problem ... my clever Dutch man has let his passport expire. I'm not sure he has an official residence permit at all ... And somehow he probably will not get an appointment until three months later to apply for a new passport. I hope that after the birth I will be fit enough for I to be able to register our baby ... At the same time, one should almost only lie 10 days. But fortunately, the registry office is just around the corner and does not guarantee full ... certainly not for birth registrations, because we have no KH here. ;)
    ... Hachja ... x)

  • reply - 3: So with us it is done so that the hospital in which one gives birth to the registration during the stay makes and then after 2 weeks you get mail and should pick up the certificate or call and says that should send the do that or stop with your power of attorney for anyone. Maybe you are also in the hospital where you debbindest I would ask.
  • reply - 4: I'll ask our cat, what does that mean? Do you want a home birth? ;)
    That's why we have to do it ourselves. : - /
  • reply - 5: I'm Croatian and Dad German - we have our appointment in two weeks because of paternity and custody.

    This is already before, what I find relaxing.

    But I do not believe that there will be any problems after the birth, as I am a foreigner as a mom.
    We also want to give the little one both citizenships - how do you do it?

  • reply - 6: Hmm ... with the citizenship ... I thought so far only a short time ago. I do not even know how it works ...

    I am also a "half-breed", but my father already had German nationality when I was born. That's why I think it all clear. But I know that under Syrian law I also automatically have Syrian citizenship or could have a passport because my father is also a Syrian ... but who wants that .... x)

    Is probably different for each country ...?

  • reply - 7: Hmmm I did not even think about it. My friend (pole) but also not xD
    How and where would you have to apply because if the small should receive both nationalities?
  • reply - 8: So far as I know it's so if you have 2 nationalities then the child automatically gets both, however, because in D is born first the German and if you then register it in the respective country or the associated message you can get second birth certificate for the other country and at the age of 18, the child must then decide for one or as a man at some point in the military and possibly confiscated therefore we also leave only the German citizenship.
  • reply - 9: Oh dear, that's a topic that I should actually deal with more ... I have German citizenship and my husband is American, he has been stationed here for several years as a US soldier. But he does not have to do paternity recognition, right? (We are married for almost two years now).
    In the clinic where I plan to give birth, I have already completed a form for the birth certificate. How exactly does that really work, then I let myself be surprised! :-)
  • reply - 10: For married couples, the husband is automatically entered as a father, he therefore does not need to sign a certificate of appreciation :)

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