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8. SSW now only start with folic acid, too late?



I have asked my FÄC if I should take folic acid. I'm in the 8th SSW and she wrote me some but also said that the back would be now and it was too late. How can she see from the US if the back is already closed? Only 1 teddy can be seen on the US. :-)

What do you all mean?


  • reply - 1: So I did not get any from the beginning because I only got to know in the 4 weeks or so, that I'm pregnant ...
    My doctor said but I should take the folic acid complete pregnancy and I do too. From about 30th SSW then magnesium was added because the stomach was hard again and again.
  • reply - 2: The back closes in the 5./6. Week and this requires the body folic acid. That's why your FA said that.
    But damage does not do it :-)
  • reply - 3: It's never too late to start. ..
    The back is already trained but still the body needs folic acid.
    I would start with it right away.
  • reply - 4: If you had too little folensäure you would have to start immediately but if the gynecologist said everything would be all right and you have to start now then she is probably right and it would not harm your dwarf because I do not believe that your gynecologist you and yours baby would harm because a gynecologist MUST be familiar with the first 3 months have nothing and now have 5 weeks and everything is fine with the :)
  • reply - 5: Thanks for your answers. You reassure me. I should take Folio Forte.
  • reply - 6: Yes, you see, it's never too late :) Above all, the children need vitamins no matter if only in the 6ssw or only in the 12ssw :) main thing you get them :)
  • reply - 7: I took mine in the 9 ssw because I first knew that I was pregnant and my sweetheart is fine
  • reply - 8: I did not know until the 7 ssw that I'm pregnant and my doctor told me to take it, even after the birth when you breastfeed. It's always good for the baby.
  • reply - 9: bullshit you are still at least 30 weeks pregnant and you take the tablets even if you breastfeed so go buy and take!
  • reply - 10: folic acid is important in the first trimester, my doctor told me that I can stop after the 12th week. At the moment (14th week) I do not take anything, except for magnesium if I get stretchy. Everything the baby needs should be consumed through sensible nutrition, not tablets

    You can still start taking folic acid in the 8th week because it's also important for brain development, cell growth and blood formation.

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