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to have a baby after stillbirth


Hello mum and dad,
My husband and I finally got a healthy baby after a stillbirth.
We are also very happy that our daughter (born on 31.07.2014) was born healthy and without any problems.
But unfortunately this beautiful event has a damn bitter aftertaste:
Our daughter came exactly on the 4th anniversary of our son (He died in the 31.SSW) on the world :(

Even after half a year, I can not handle that, I sometimes get cramps when I see my daughter ...

My husband, friends and family say that it was fate that you were born the same day, but I just do not know how to handle it ...

What can you recommend?


  • reply - 1: I'm so sorry what you had to go through. Do not you feel like hugging  

    I think it's a wonderful sign that your daughter was born on the very same day. Sent by her big brother ....

    I advise you to accept psychological help. Everyone wants to do you good, but maybe it will help you talk to an uninvolved third party and let your feelings run wild

  • reply - 2: First of all heartfelt condolences!
    I can not remotely imagine how you need to be. Of course, it seems a hint of fate if your new miracle came on the same day healthy and happy ...
    Please look for a self-help group or orphaned parents association in your region, because people have suffered the same loss - maybe you will find there relief and encouragement.
    and do not be afraid to seek professional help so therapists, if you want and need this help, they are there for you ...
    All the best for you and your family!
  • reply - 3: Ever thank you very much for the tips, I think that it would be really appropriate to do a therapy, as I have borne bodily harm ..
    An emergency C-section had to be made at that time because my whole body had been poisoned. During the operation, I had multiple organ failure and a stroke.

    The end of the story:

    Four weeks of artificial coma (a total of 6 weeks intensive care), a tracheotomy, 3 months of rehab and a spastic paralysis of the entire left side of the body ...

  • reply - 4: That is very sad for your little star!
    But I also think that it is a good sign
    Your daughter was sent to you to bring you back to life

    This is really hard when you first have to endure such a mental loss and then suffer from physical pain
    These are not easy diagnoses: /

    Take help and I wish you all the best

  • reply - 5: Incidentally, there is also a mourning group with moms who had a similar fate. Also there you can safely tell and you will be understood.

    A therapy is certainly the right one for you.
    All the best!!

  • reply - 6: Dear Cookie Monster,
    i can understand your feeling chaos well. Our star girl was born dead on 08.08.2013, our son was born on 07.07.2014. It's not the same date, but twice that number of schnapps has shocked me somehow. Can that be coincidence? Or destiny? Whatever you call it, I see it as a wink from our star :) I think your son has sent you a sign and your daughter has a very special guardian angel.
    I think you are a very strong woman.
    I'll love you!

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